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English and Creative Writing


The &NOW AWARDS: The Best Innovative Writing 2, the second installment of the biennial anthology of the “best” innovative writing, is seeking nominations. The anthology will be released in 2013, with subsequent editions published every other year.

The first collection’s lineup follows, with bonus content linked to a selection of authors.

Steve Tomasula · And Now &NOW: A Forward

Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky · The Future is Here

Christian Bök · The Xenotext Experiment

Lance Olsen · News Feed | Status Updates | Photos | Posted Items | Live Feed

Matias Viegener · 25 Random Things About Me Too, 60-65

Peter O’Leary · {O. Eu. H.}

Yuriy Tarnawsky · about the mininovel / Screaming (a mininovel)

Jessica Berger · Teddi with an ‘I’

Blake Butler · Insomnia Door

Stephanie Strickland · From Huracan’s Harp

Megan Milks · Slug

Gina Frangello · Slaves of Bataille

Lily Hoang · Women & Desire—V

Kass Fleisher · Where I’m From

Hilton Obenzinger · From A*hole

John Matthias · From “Laundry Lists and Manifestoes”

Joe Francis Doerr · Tocayo

Jeffrey DeShell · Father

Matt Kirkpatrick · Facts

Bradley Sands · In the Restaurant

Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden · One, Two, Threeselves / Crows Don’t Care

Christina Milletti · Where Nööne is Now

Carla Harryman · the opposite of slackness / Orgasms

William Gillespie · The Story that Teaches You How to Write It

Lou Rowan · Prince

Joe Amato · Tango

Raymond Federman · From Return to Manure

Stephen Collis · The Frostworks

Doug Rice · A Poetics of Reflection and Desire

Michael DuPlessis · The Carpet Out of Time

Vanessa Place · From La Medusa

Lidia Yuknavtich · The Photographer

The New Anonymous · Comments / An Interview with Someone

Stacey Levine · From Frances Johnson: a novel

Cris Mazza · Trickle-Down Timeline

Amina Cain · Black Wings

Dimitri Anastasopoulos · Signs of Intrauterine Life

Tom La Farge · Introduction to / Three Writhings

William Walsh · American Fried Questions

Michael Joyce & Alexandra Grant · About Alexandra Grant’s work… / Nimbus

William Fuller · Dives & Lazarus

Angela Szczepaniak · AlphabeTics

Christine Wertheim · From +|’me’S-pace

Mark Spitzer · From Age of the Demon Tools

Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop · From Flat with No Key

Kane X. Faucher · Lysicology: An Introduction / From [+!]

Matina Stamatakis · From [+!] —Kleptokinetisis

John Moore Williams · From [+!] —Tetatetagrammatron

Andrea Kneeland · Continuity as an Axiomatic Resultant of a Clearly Defined Fragmentation of Lines

Judith Goldman · From “FatBoy / DeathStar / rico-chet”

Rachel Loden · The USNS Comfort Sails to the Gulf

Catherine Daly · Maquis / Malice, Irma la Douce / Marguerite Monnot & Marguerite Monnot / Irma la Douce

Dave Kress · The Law

Ted Pelton · Woodchuck and Hank Williams Zombie

Robin Becker · How I Ate My Wife

Averill Curdy · Probation

Stephen-Paul Martin · Food

Christopher Grimes · The Public Sentence

Joel Felix · Curbing / The Palms of Space

C.S Giscombe · From Prairie Style: 1304 North Central Avenue / Prairie Style / A Cornet at Night

Paul A. Toth · The Kind of Girl You Read About in New Wave Magazines

Bradford Gray Telford · Kate Moss Queries Her Counselor on the Nature of Love

Gabriel Gudding · Fifteen Minute Performative Masculinity New York School Name Dropping Poem For David Shapiro as Transcribed from his Interview at Pennsound

Harold Jaffe · White Terror

Debra Di Blasi · The Incomplete But Real History of The Jirí Chronicles Illustrated by The Real Jirí CeCh™ / Products

Charles Blackstone · A Once and Future Napkin / Before

Kim Chinquee · Now the Room is Empty

Jenny Hanning · Planting

Aaron Burch · You Are Here

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet · Left-Handed Universe: Variations

Mary Gilliland · Quarantine in the Borders

Joseph L. Bisz · Taming Milady

Teresa Carmody · From Eye Hole Adore

Kirsten Jorgenson · Thread

Shelley Jackson · From The Interstitial Library Workbook (Teacher’s Edition)

Kerri Sonnenberg · From deact

Wendy Walker · Introduction to Blue Fire / From Blue Fire

Matthew Roberson · Possible Side Effects

Steve Katz · Manifesto Dysfic

Todd Zuniga · Confessions of an American Opium Merchant

Giancarlo DiTrapano · Benediction

Asha Khaladkar · Metro

Jay Wexler · E=MC³

Simone Muench · From “Orange Girl Suite”

Carol Novack · In The Beginning Is

Adam Fieled · Apparition Poems

Joshua Corey · On Jessica Savitz and Hunting is Painting

Jessica Savitz · From Hunting is Painting

Davis Schneiderman · On Gretchen E. Henderson and Galerie de Difformité

Gretchen E. Henderson · From Galerie de Difformité

Davis Schneiderman · crowdsourcing: an afterword