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Lake Forest Literary Festival

Thursday, March 2

Monday, March 20

  • Mar
    Why Write – A Workshop with Mark Edmundson 12:00 p.m.:

    Attention all writers or would-be writers! Mark Edmundson will be hosting a noontime workshop to share his advice about the art of writing, based on his new book Why Write? (Bloomsbury Press 2016). Don’t miss this opportunity to meet “up close and personal” with one of the most prolific and distinguished writers at work today.

  • Mar
    Fiction Reading with Emily Capettini 4:00 p.m.:
    As the opening act of the Lake Forest Literary Festival, English alumna Emily Capettini ’09 will join us to read from her fiction and to answer questions about the writing life of an English major beyond Lake Forest.
  • Mar
    “In Defense of Ideals” A talk by Mark Edmundson 7:30 p.m.: Mark Edmundson is a professor of English at the University of Virginia.
    This 2017 Lake Forest Literary Festival event features a lecture titled “In Defense of Ideals,” based on Edmundson’s recent book Self and Soul: A Defense of Ideals (Harvard UP 2015).

Tuesday, March 21

Events sponsored by the Department of English, the Print and Digital Publishing Program, the Center for Chicago Programs, and the Department of Theater.

Previous Festivals

  • The thirteenth incarnation of the annual Lake Forest Literary Festival is a celebration of American stories, from the Thoreauvian story Mark Edmundson has to tell about the unfulfilled possibilities of American idealism to the literary horror of Brian Evenson and  the ghost stories of Lake Forest College alumna Emily Cappetini ’09, to the inventive feminist circus story told in the first novel of Meg Whiteford, this year’s Plonsker Prize winner, to the “novel you can walk through” of Alana and Lance Olsen.

  • This year’s festival included events with Second City’s Kelly Leonard, poet Quarysh Ali Lansana, and translator Stanley Lombardo.
  • The 2015 annual lit fest, themed “DIG IT!,” ran from March 23 through March 26 and included a visit from DIG actress and playwright Regina Taylor.