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Terminal Town

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Terminal Town

An Illustrated Guide to Chicago’s Airports, Bus Depots, Train Stations, and Steamship Landings, 1939 – Present

By Joseph P. Schwieterman

Whether by road, rail, water, or sky… people come to Chicago.  In droves. In waves of migration and immigration.  For work and for play. But how do they get to Chicago?

Terminal Town answers this question with a fast-moving history of Chicago’s many passenger transportation terminals.

These have, for generations, served as defining features of the city’s cosmopolitan character. Showcasing great icons of transportation, including Chicago Union Station, Dearborn Station, and Midway and O’Hare airports, as well as lesser-known and long-gone terminals throughout the metropolitan region, this book illustrates why the “Windy City” so richly deserves its reputation as America’s premier travel hub.

Featuring 48 stations and terminals through short narratives, 215 color photographs, and 20 custom maps, Terminal Town provides a fascinating portrait of the city’s famously complex and constantly changing transportation system.

7.3 x 10 / 300 pages
Trade Paper $27.95
215 color photographs
20 custom maps