Post Graduate Teacher Licensure

Post Graduation Student Teaching Option (PGSTO)

The department offers all licensure candidates the option of completing their student teaching requirement following graduation. While student teaching, participants in the program are required to pay only a minimal fee to cover registration and supervisory costs. To qualify for this program option, a candidate must complete, upon graduation, all requirements for both the content area major and the professional education sequence for the education major with the sole exception of student teaching. The reduced fee option is applied to the three credits for student teaching only. Permission of the education department is required for participation.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program recommends graduates for initial teaching licenses in elementary, secondary and K- 12 education. Through the MAT Program, students can obtain both a master’s degree and Illinois teacher licensure simultaneously. The program is open to both current Lake Forest College students who wish to obtain teacher licensure in a five year BA/MAT program (3-2 program) or individuals who have completed a BA at another institution or at Lake Forest College and seek teacher licensure (post BA program). This program is not appropriate for teachers who are already certified to teach in K-12 schools. See MAT program for details.

Post-BA Licensure Only Program

(Information for adults in the community who already hold a bachelor’s degree)

Although most Lake Forest College students are undergraduates, we welcome adults from the community and make special efforts to meet their needs. Our education program, which leads to Illinois teacher licensure for high school (6-12), elementary (K-9) and K-12 visual arts or modern language, is a good one and we have an excellent record of placing our graduates in schools in the area.  

Summary of what is required for adults from the community to obtain Illinois teacher licensure through Lake Forest College.
You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Moreover, you must have completed an academic major in a traditional liberal arts academic discipline and that major must meet the requirements for the parallel Lake Forest College major. Candidates for secondary licensure must have majored in one of the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, English, history, or mathematics. Candidates for elementary licensure may have majored in any field in which Lake Forest College offers a major. Candidates for K-12 licensure must have majored in art, French, or Spanish. Please note that Lake Forest College does not offer majors in health sciences, management sciences, or physical education.

In addition, you need to meet two kinds of requirements established by the State. The first is what they call general education, which usually but not always is covered by your bachelor’s degree. Second, there is professional teacher education, which includes 1) substantive courses like history or philosophy of education, and several psychology courses, 2) methods courses, and 3) clinical hours in the classroom, including a semester of student or practice teaching. To complete the professional education requirement, you will have to take eleven or twelve Lake Forest courses to meet the State’s requirements for licensurethrough the College. (For a fuller discussion of the requirements for licensure see Requirements.)

Troops to Teachers Program for Veterans

Troops To Teachers is a nation-wide program that  helps transitioning service men and women consider a second career in teaching.  The Illinois website is at

 Some of the services offered are:
-Education Counseling- educate participants on the requirements for Illinois State Teacher Licensure, information on teaching degree programs and alternative paths to licensure.

-Financial Assistance- stipends up to $5,000 to help pay for teacher licensure costs or  bonuses of $10,000 to teach in schools serving a high percentage of students from low-income families.

-Referral to Employment- assists participants in locating employment opportunities in K-12 public schools.


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