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Economics, Business, and Finance

More Internships and Careers

Employers like to hire our graduates.   


Survey data collected from Economics majors show graduates found jobs with the following employers:  

  • Aon
  • Coherent Economics
  • Coyote Logistics
  • Forest Financial Group
  • Combs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Peace Corps
  • Travelers Insurance Company
  • Willis Towers Watson

and were accepted into the following graduate programs:

  • Drexel University
  • Georgetown University
  • Oxford University
  • University of of California San Diego.


Recent Business major graduates found jobs with the following companies:  

  • Aon
  • BMO Harris Bank
  • ESPN
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Northern Trust
  • RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company
  • The Eli’s Cheesecake Company
  • Uline Shipping Supplies

and were accepted into the following graduate schools:

  • Concordia University in Wisconsin
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Student surveys show graduates with a degree in Finance recently accepted jobs with the following companies:   

  • Citigroup
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Moelis and Company
  • Cowen
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Wintrust and SRR
  • UBS
  • Northern Trust

Or enrolled in the following graduate programs:

  • Loyola Law School
  • University of Virginia