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Given its research focus, the biology department at Lake Forest College takes seriously its responsibility to train students to effectively communicate the significance of their findings.

  • Shubhik DebBurman
    Disque D. and Carol Gram Deane Professor of Biological Sciences and Chair of Biology

    Areas of Study: cell biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology of human disease 

  • Karen E. Kirk
    Professor of Biology, Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chair of Pre-Health Advising

    Areas of Study: molecular genetics, microbiology, cell biology

  • Sean B. Menke
    Associate Professor of Biology

    Areas of study: community ecology, biogeography, urban ecology, myrmecology

  • Flavia Barbosa
    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: behavioral ecology, evolution, sexual selection, mate choice, animal communication

  • Margot Schwalbe
    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: Neuroethology, Animal Physiology, Animal Behavior, Sensory Biology, Biomechanics

  • Ann B. Maine
    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: molecular genetics, cell biology

  • Lynn C. Westley
    Assistant Professor of Biology, Internship Coordinator

    Areas of Study: plant ecology

  • Rob Carmichael
    Lecturer in Biology

    Areas of Study: 

  • Ryan Selleck
    Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: behavioral neuroscience, cellular and molecular pharmacology, electrophysiology, impulsivity, emotional valancing, cortical modulation of behavior

  • Virginie Bottero
    Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: Cell biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, microbiology, neuroscience


  • Julie Felichio
    Lecturer in Biology

    Areas of Study: developmental biology

  • Lynette Foss
    Lecturer in Biology

    Areas of Study:  immunology, epidemiology and infectious diseases

  • Alexander Wilcox
    Lecturer in Biology


Emeritus Faculty

  • Anne E. Houde
    Foster G. and Mary W. McGaw Professor in the Life Sciences, Emerita

    Areas of Study: behavior, evolution, ecology

  • Douglas B. Light
    Laurence R. Lee Family Professor of Biology, Emeritus

    Areas of Study: animal and human physiology, cell physiology, neurophysiology

  • Kenneth L. Weik
    Associate Professor of Biology, Emeritus

    Areas of Study: botany, freshwater ecology, marine biology, electron microscopy