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Art and Art History


  • Ann M. Roberts
    James D. Vail III Professor of Art, Associate Dean of Faculty, Director of the Learning & Teaching Center, Chair of Museum Studies

    Areas of Study:  ancient, medieval, and early modern art history

  • Miguel de Baca
    Associate Professor of Art History, Chair of Art and Art History

    Areas of Study: American art and modern and contemporary art history

  • Tracy Marie Taylor
    Associate Professor of Art

    Areas of Study: design, computer imaging, digital photography, art

  • Karen Lebergott
    Associate Professor of Art

    Areas of Study:  painting, drawing, mixed media

  • David Sanchez Burr
    Assistant Professor of Art

    Areas of Study: Mixed media, video and audio art

  • Beth Woodward
    Visiting Instructor of Art History

    Areas of Study: 

  • Michelle Bolinger
    Senior Lecturer in Art

    Areas of Study: drawing

  • Margaret Coleman
    Lecturer in Art

    Area of study: digital design

  • Rebecca Goldberg
    Lecturer in Art

    Area of Study:  museum curation

  • Lia Alexopoulos
    Lecturer in Art

    Areas of Study: museum studies