Costs and Financial Aid for Off-Campus Programs

  • Costs can vary greatly from program to program. A student receiving financial aid (scholarship, grant, loan) at Lake Forest may be able to use that aid for an off-campus program. In most cases, loans and federal and state grants are transferable to other programs.

    Participants in Lake Forest College-branded, ACM, and approved third-party programs on our “Programs We Offer” webpage will pay regular Lake Forest tuition plus other program costs and personal expenses. Tuition and fees for non-Lake Forest programs vary, and financial aid is not guaranteed.

    Billing procedures for all programs will be facilitated by Lake Forest College, allowing students who are participating in approved programs to remain enrolled at the College. Students will be billed by Lake Forest College. The College will, in turn, pay the program sponsor. An administrative processing fee of $500 will apply to all programs not on the guaranteed-aid list.

    Financial Aid

    Students may carry financial aid to a TOTAL of two programs. Such aid is guaranteed ONLY for Lake Forest-branded, ACM, and selected third-party programs. Portability of eligible aid to a third-party provider—whether for a first or second semester off-campus program—is not guaranteed.

Lake Forest College Programs

(Beijing, Border Studies, Granada, Greece, Loop, New Zealand, Paris) ALL Lake Forest College financial aid (with exception of Federal Work Study) will apply automatically with acceptance into the program.

ACM and Guaranteed-Aid Programs

Students who successfully complete the campus application process by the stated deadlines and who are accepted into an ACM or third party with guaranteed transferability of aid program may carry all their financial aid (with exception of Federal Work Study) to that program. Applicants who do not meet campus deadlines may still participate if accepted by program host, but they will bear full financial responsibility.

Some sponsoring institutions offer additional financial aid to students participating in their programs. Please contact the Off-Campus Programs office to pursue those possibilities.

Programs Without Guaranteed Aid

Students intending to participate in a program approved by Lake Forest College (such as Washington Semester or other programs on the “Approved List”) but sponsored by another institution may request portability of their eligible financial aid. Students must meet all requirements and deadlines for off-campus study, and fill out a petition during the application phase, outlining why the current program list does not meet their needs.  Petitions are not guaranteed to be granted, but if they are granted, students must pay their full Lake Forest tuition plus a program fee before aid applies.

Loans and most non-Lake Forest grants and scholarships may be transferable to any approved program.

Some sponsoring institutions offer additional financial aid to students participating in their programs. Please contact the Off-Campus Programs office to pursue those possibilities.

THERE IS NO LAKE FOREST FINANCIAL AID FOR ANY SUMMER PROGRAM. Some outside providers may provide financial assistance for summer programs. Contact those sponsors directly.

Note: Students who earn transfer credit from an approved off-campus program and whose financial aid has been applied to that program may not drop—in whole or in part—any such credit without also fully reimbursing the College for all aid transferred to that program.

Withdrawal fees: A penalty fee for withdrawal from any program will apply. This fee may increase as the program beginning date approaches. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fees for your selected program.

Tuition Remission Exchange Program (TREP)

If you attend Lake Forest College under the Tuition Remission Exchange Program (ACM schools only), your full tuition benefit will apply only to participation in programs found the “Programs We Offer” page.  Please see the Financial Aid Office to determine level of coverage, and your anticipated out-of-pocket costs.

Other Non-LFC/ACM College Benefits

If you are a dependent of a Lake Forest College employee and believe you are eligible for other non-LFC, non-ACM benefits, please contact the Director of Financial Aid, Jerry Cebrzynski, to verify such eligibility. 

Groner Foundation Grants

Students wishing to apply for a Grace Elizabeth Groner Grant for off-campus service projects must apply directly through the Groner Foundation which is entirely responsible for selection of Recipients. The Foundation office is located behind Calvin Durand Hall. Application for this grant is in addition to completing and submitting all required documents for off-campus study.  

 Scholarship Resources

Do check out our own website for possible scholarship opportunities.