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What our Students Say

Here’s what graduates of the teacher education program say about their preparation as professionals:

“The program prepared me to work at an incredibly high level to create the best lessons possible.”

“I am very good at planning lessons and maximizing instructional time. I definitely learned that at Lake Forest.”

“I feel I was extremely well prepared for my work as a teacher. Although the Lake Forest College program was intense and demanding, it was very helpful for the future!”

“The Lake Forest College program’s emphasis on professional characteristics helped me understand and prepare for the demands of teaching.”

“The Lake Forest College program helped me develop the ability to take initiative, develop content area knowledge in ways that support my teaching and learn how to identify useful resources that enhance my students’ learning.”

“The Lake Forest College program supported my emerging understanding of the critical role of responsiveness to students and helped me learn how to enact responsiveness in my teaching.”

“My ability to use  a range of instructional strategies, demonstrate vitality and teacher presence, and plan and carry out instruction effectively was influenced by the Lake Forest College program.”

“The importance of reflective practice was strongly emphasized in the Lake Forest College program.”

“I am highly motivated and confident in the classroom because of the great education I received at Lake Forest.”

“I have a professional outlook on the teaching profession. I always try to cultivate a challenging, caring, engaging environment for my students. I constantly reflect both in writing and metacognitively as a result of this program which enhances how I impact my students.”

“I am able to think about many different ways to reach my students due to the things I was exposed to in my education classes. Additionally, by having both the fieldwork and student teaching experiences, I was able to work on aspects of my teaching early on. Therefore, I was ready to be in the classroom immediately upon graduation with a solid understanding of my strengths and many strategies to use, when needed.”

“The program helped me build and reflect on the understanding I had previously gained from observing and working in classrooms. This combination provided a good foundation on which to develop my teaching practices over the past five years.”

“I often go back to what I learned at Lake Forest to complete daily teaching tasks and graduate [school] projects.”

“I came out of Lake Forest with a practice of teaching individuals rather than groups….I was surprised to find that this is not a standards approach for many (even most) of the teachers I have worked with [from other programs].”


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