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Internships and Careers

At Lake Forest, both quality academic programs and internship experiences help students prepare for the working world. Our proximity to Chicago offers access not only to extensive internship options, but also to a network of powerful alumni and friends.

International Relations majors study politics, history, economics, sociology, psychology, and foreign languages in order to prepare for positions in the U.S. and globally. To give you an idea of the range of settings — students pursue options in the U.S. national government, the national governments of other countries, inter-governmental institutions, non-governmental institutions, and business enterprises.

Dual-Degree Program in International Studies

Under an agreement with the Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM) at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, highly qualified Lake Forest College students may be admitted to the Institute with accelerated status, and can complete their Master’s degrees with 48 credits as opposed to the 60 normally required.

Dual-Degree Programs in Law

Lake Forest is affiliated with several competitive law schools that allow high-achieving students to complete a Lake Forest bachelor’s degree and a law degree in a total of six years, rather than the usual seven. Our Pre-Law Advising Program supports students who are considering a career in the field of law and assists them in the process of applying to law schools.

To get an idea for which pathways students might join based upon some common international relations interests, check these out:

  • International Business – Business and Finance
  • Law – Law and Public Service
  • International Development – Business and Finance
  • Social Services – Law and Public Service
  • Education – Law and Public Service
  • Travel and Tourism – Business and Finance
  • Government Affairs – Law and Public Service
  • Market Research – Business and Finance

Explore the Career Pathways by participating in events, reading profiles of students’ and alumni experiences, and by joining a pathway (or two). Remember to look at the next steps pages to get ideas for immediate ways to prepare yourself for great internships and a productive, rewarding career after graduation. 


    Many students obtain internships preparing them for positions in international governments and with international institutions, such as agencies of the United Nations and international businesses. Students see the major as a gateway to social service positions at the national and international levels, like the Peace Corps.

    Many programs through Off-Campus Study also include internships abroad.

    Recent internship sites:

    • Accion Chicago
    • British Consulate
    • Forest Financial Group
    • French Film Connection
    • Human Rights Watch
    • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR)
    • The International Herald Tribune-Paris
    • Leslie Hindman Auctioneers
    • Monteverde Institute
    • Niagara Foundation
    • UNESCO
    • Union Iberoamericana de Municipalistas
    • World Bicycle Relief
    • WorldChicago

    Need help scheduling an appointment? View our Handshake Help Page here. For more information, visit the Career Advancement Center.

    Career Pathways

    Lake Forest College facilitates five career communities called Career Pathways to help students explore major/career options and position themselves for the internships that will help them to further prepare for productive and rewarding careers after graduation. Students from all majors can participate in the Career Pathways to shape their career goals alongside of their academic interests.

    International relations majors interested in government tend to find a home in the Law and Public Service Career Pathway and those interested in international business find their fit in the Business and Finance pathway.