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Restoring Native Wildlife (ES 484)

Environmental Studies seniors examined a variety of restoration efforts, looking at the reasons species disappeared, arguments for and against restoration, methods used, the dual relationship between wildlife and habitat restoration projects, and projects’ successes and failures. Among many others, case studies included the Black–footed ferret reintroduction on the Great Plains, wolf projects in Yellowstone National Park and nearby areas, and efforts to restore New Zealand’s forest habitat for native species. The semester culminated in field studies to experience reintroduction efforts at Midewin Tallgrass National Prairie in Wilmington, IL, and the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI.

Senior Seminar at Aldo Leopold’s Shack and Farm, where they pulled the invasive Garlic Mustard.

Students observing the Sandhill Crane, native to Illinois, at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI.