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Endangered Species and Languages (ES 368)

Both species and languages can become endangered and go extinct. This course examines the similarities and differences between species and languages in their formation, their evolution, their relationships to each other, and their extinction.

We ask what it means to save a species or a language. We consider whether some species are of higher conservation value than others and whether the same is true of languages.

        Cherokee Syllabary, work of Chief Sequoya, circa 1821


Class Participants

Aleut — Glenn Adelson 

Kuna - Luis Beltran

Inuktun - Alex Blanchard

Manchu — Wendy Deng

Cristina Favia

Inuktitut - Nadia Gronkowski

Potawatomi—Jason Halm

Inari Sami — Patrick Hanes

Tahitian — Lindsey Harris

Kaitlyn Ladao

Apsáalooke—Nikolai Leffner

Taiwanese Hokkien (台語)            - Ian Lin

Lauren Marks

Anya Moran

Mohawk - Mindy Runge

Hopi - Alex Steele

Tewa — Gabe Trujillo

Chinook - Nicole Vachter

Hadza — Ryan Vlaar

Maori — Hilary Wind

Ainu — Kenyu Yamamoto

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