Madeleine P. Plonsker Past Winners

2018 winners and finalists:

JD Scott

2017 winners and finalists:

Christine LarussoWinner:  
Christine Larusso, Los Angeles, CA: MAR 


Soham Patel, Milwaukee, WI: The Daughter Industry

Educational History? - Kamden Hilliard, Iowa City, IA

in place of a mouth - Mackenzie Kozak, Asheville, NC

One Day, the Babies - Shawn Maddey, Pittsburgh, PA

Secondhand Bouquet - Sara McGuirk, Iowa City, IA

Nurse - Cara Olexa, Portland, OR

The Gook of Our Mothers - Jenifer Sang Eun Park, Tuscaloosa, AL

Save Heaven for the Rest of Us - Zan de Parry, Detroit, MI

The Wilting Tree - Dustin Pearson, Summerville, SC

The Lexicographer’s Garden - Phoebe Reeves, Cincinnati, OH

After June - Sara Renberg, Pittsburgh, PA

These Ghosts/This Compost - Jake Syersak, Athens, GA

Meg Whiteford
2009 Winner (Poetry):

Jessica Savitz, whose book Hunting is Painting, was released in October 2010.