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Student Research

Senior Seminar Projects

Select a student below and click on the name to view WebQuest projects created for elementary and secondary education senior seminars.



Elizabeth Bulley
 Kelly Chesnut
 Monisha Dillard
 Anna Fedele 
 Melina Galvan
 Kaylee Gendrich
 Sarah Holsen
 Katie Kast
 Svetlana Klevanskaya
 Lisa Nassin
 Jodi Maddock
 Merissa Martin
 Alex Messacar
Nicole Ostro
 Kate Otto
 Jessica Parr
 Jenna Poladian
 Elizabeth Ross
 Jonathan Sricharmorn
 Maggie Tuten
Brenda Watrach
 Theresa Westberg
 Mary Williams


Ruth Albarran
Antonio Avila
Bronte Borter
Sally Jo Crandall
Lauren DejonAnita Detkiewicz
Mindy Golub
Courtney Gora
Mike Hansen
Lauren Jimenez
Nicole Kosanke
Michael Krecker
Samantha Kugler
Angela Lopez 
Gregory McAdams
Kaitlin Macanowicz
Alejandra Mata 
Elizabeth Milligan
Raquel Ness
Lisa Novine Katherine O’Truk
Catherine Pappas
Stephanie Paul
Andrea Pulido
Liz Radtke
Daniel Rosenstein
Hilary Spector
Stuart Stefany
Ryan Stivers
Ian Taylor
Lydia Wells
Briana Williams
Annie Yung
Shabana Yusufishaq


Education Department Senior Awards

Senior Prize in Education is awarded to an outstanding student in education.

Senior Prize in Student Teaching is awarded to the student who has represented the values of Lake Forest College by demonstrating exceptional knowledge, skills and dispositions while teaching in local schools.

Published Student Research

Daniel Rosenstein ’12  Holocaust Education: Analysis of Curricula and Frameworks: A Case Study of Illinois 

Elizabeth Milligan ’08 Educate, Equip, Engage, Empower: A Framework for Preparing Preservice Teachers in Civic Education