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Humanities 2020 Mellon Foundation Grant

 Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant Foundation Logo


Lake Forest College’s Humanities 2020, a partnership initiative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, works to enhance and advance humanities education through deep engagement with issues of race in Chicago.


Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant Programs 

The Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant brings the scholarship and passion of Lake Forest College students and faculty into new communities through collaboration and partnerships with cultural and social justice institutions in Chicago. Here are a few examples of Humanities 2020 activities in pursuit of key grant goals:

Provide Opportunities for Humanities Students                       

Internships at the Chicago History Museum

Lake Forest College Humanities student interns at the Chicago History Museum are archiving and cataloguing over five million digital and physical images from the Chicago Sun-Times. Each intern cohort delves into the collection to enrich the Museum’s scholarship and exhibitions on the history of race in Chicago.

Bring Faculty Research to the Community

Teacher Institute: Race and Segregation in Chicagoland’s Built Environment

In collaboration with the Society of Architectural Historians, Professors Cristina Groeger, Brian McCammack, and Desmond Odugu bring their scholarship on race and the environment in Chicagoland to this summer 2021 teacher institute to offer professional development to teachers and, in turn, enrich middle school and high school education on the history of race in the U.S.

Introduce Humanities Scholarship to Future Foresters

Humanities 2020 Scholars/Fellows Program at Oakton Community College

Humanities 2020 is funding opportunities for Oakton Honors students who are studying the humanities—both students already planning on transferring to Lake Forest College and those simply curious about the College— to join us in our mission to collaborate and study race in Chicagoland.

Lift up the Voices of the Community

Oral History Project

Dr. Courtney Joseph and her History students are telling the untold stories of those making history in Chicago right now. Courtney’s students are crafting oral histories of Heartland Alliance staff and the communities they serve
Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant and Oakton Community College Scholars and Fellows Program

Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant Scholars and Fellow Program

As a Humanities 2020 Scholar or Fellow you will have the chance to research and collaborate with Lake Forest College Professors, Students, and Staff exploring racial and social justice in Chicago.

Explore credit and non-credit opportunities including crafting AR experiences in conjunction with our VR lab, researching the history of restrictive covenants in Chicago, developing teacher institute workshops, or access Lake Forest College resources to develop your own research and study on racial justice.

Humanities 2020 Scholars

Oakton students who plan on transferring to Lake Forest College can apply for this grant and, if chosen, will experience a marquee grant-related research experience with a Lake Forest College faculty members.  Students who apply must also apply and be accepted to Lake Forest College. The benefits include:

  • One-year term as a Humanities 2020 Scholar

  • $1500 stipend (in addition to other financial aid and scholarships through the college)

  • Earn Lake Forest College credit depending on the time commitment

Humanities 2020 Fellows

This opportunity is for Oakton students who are not ready to transfer to a four-year college. Students will participate in grant-related research projects, programs, or organizational efforts.  Benefits include:

  • 35 hours during the spring semester or in the summer

  • $500.00 stipend, plus meals provided on campus and reimbursement for travel

  • Could earn transferrable college credit


Learn more about Lake Forest College Oakton Transfer Programs at our our Oakton Admissions Page.

 Please contact Ryan Walters, Grant Coordinator, with any questions at rwalters@lakeforest.edu 

Race and Segregation in Chicagoland’s Built Environment Summer 2021 High School and Middle School Teacher Professional Development Seminar

This three-day seminar to take place at the Chicago History Museum in summer 20201 will offer teachers background knowledge and tools to create lessons on the history of segregation that are structured around specific examples of the built environment in Chicago and the surrounding area. Faculty leading the seminars will present their research on public space, housing, and schooling in Chicago, and will introduce online tools that will allow teachers to build their own lessons.

Professional Development Seminar for Middle School and High School Teachers developed in partnership with the Society of Architectural Historians, Lake Forest College’s Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant and the Education Department.

It has been underwritten by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the Lake Forest College Humanities 2020 Initiative. CPDUs managed by the Lake Forest College Education Department.


If you have any questions please direct them to Ryan Walters, Humanities 2020 Mellon Grant Coordinator, at rwalters@lakeforest.edu.