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Oakton Student Fellow and Scholar

This program presents Oakton Community College the opportunity to participate Lake Forest College faculty's grant related projects and research.

Mellon Humanities 2020 Scholars
Oakton students who plan on transferring to Lake Forest College can apply for this grant and, if chosen, will experience a marquee grant-related research experience with a Lake Forest College faculty member.  Students who apply must also apply and be accepted to Lake Forest College. The benefits include:

  • One-year term as a Humanities 2020 Scholar
  • $1500 stipend (in addition to other financial aid and scholarships through the college)
  • Earn Lake Forest College credit depending on the time commitment

Mellon Humanities 2020 Fellows
This opportunity is for Oakton students who are not ready to transfer to a four-year college. Students will participate in grant-related research projects, programs, or organizational efforts.  Benefits include:

  • 35 hours of grant-related work during the spring, summer, or fall semester
  • $500.00 stipend, plus meals provided on campus and reimbursement for travel
  • Could earn transferrable college credit