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Shelley C. Sherman

Associate Professor, Emerita


Teacher Education
Moral Dimensions of Teaching
Progressive education
Curriculum and Instruction: Elementary Education
Educational Reform in the United States


Moral Dimensions of Teaching                                                                  Non-traditional learning environments                                                      Ramifications of Standardized Testing                                                                                                                           


PhD University of Illinois at Chicago
MS Northwestern University
BA American University

Courses Taught

First-Year Studies 133: Educational Reform in Chicago: Purposes and Perspectives
First-Year Studies 160: School and Society in America
Education 210: Observing the Schooling Process
Education 212: Educational Reform in the U.S.
Education 303: Reading in the Elementary School
Education 304: Elementary Fieldwork and Seminar
Education 416: Curriculum in the Elementary School: Content-Area Literacy and Social Studies
Education 417: Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary Schools: Math and Science                                                                               Education 418: Elementary Student Teaching and Seminar             Education 421: Secondary Student Teaching and Seminar 
Education 502: MAT Teacher Action Research 

Awards and Honors

Winner of the 2015 AERA Division K Award for Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education for  Teacher Preparation as an Inspirational Process 

Recipient of the Charlotte Simmons Prize, 2013: Awarded for advancing and strengthening relations between Lake Forest College and off-campus communities 


Sherman, S. (forthcoming, 2021). Nurturing joyful teaching in an age of standardization and commodification. The Educational Forum.

Sherman, S. (forthcoming, 2020). Evolving Meanings of Personal Fulfillment and Service in Teaching. In. D. DeMarzio (Ed.). David Hansen and the call to teach. New York. Teachers College Press.

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Invited Talks

Nurturing Joyfulness in Teacher Education.  Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, April 2015.

A Liberal Arts College Model for Content Knowledge Assessment of Teacher Candidates. Colleges of Illinois Center for Success in High Needs Schools Arts and Science Colloquium, September 2007, with Dawn Abt-Perkins, Rachel Ragland, Anne Houde, Jill VanNewenhizen, Richard Pettengill, and Elizabeth Fischer. 

Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, New York, January 2007, with Dawn Abt-Perkins, “A Model for Productive Relationship Between Induction Programming and Preservice Teacher Education.”

Differentiated Instruction—Open Education Redux? : Maintaining a Sustainable Vision in Teacher Education for Progressive Teaching Practice. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, April 2005.

Standards in Teacher Education: How Do We Meet Them? Let Us Count the Ways. Paper presented at the Association of Teacher Educators Annual Meeting, Chicago, February 2005.

Operationalizing Differentiation in Early Fieldwork Experiences. Paper presented at the Mid-Western Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Columbus, October 2004.

The Dilemmas of Dissonance  between Fieldwork and Methods Courses. Invited talk at the Colloquium of the Conference for English Education, National Council for Teachers of English Annual Conference,San Francisco, November 2003.

Mentoring Preservice Teachers: Guiding Novices Toward Responsive Teaching. Paper presented at the Mid-western Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Columbus, October 2003.

American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA., April 2002, symposium with Barbara Stengel, Gert Biesta, Chris Mayo, and Alan Feldman, “Responsiveness: Responsibility in its Most Particular Sense.”

Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, New York, January 2002, with Dawn Abt-Perkins and Rachel Ragland, “A Model for Defining Common Values to Guide Accountability Measures.”

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Chicago, February 2000, “Grounding Teacher Education in the Moral Dimension: Can Dialogue Journals Play a Role?”

Kappa Delta Pi International Convocation, Baltimore, November 1999, with Laura Schencker and Alayna Watkins, “Using Dialogue Journals in Preservice Teacher Education to Promote Student-Centered Practice.”

Association of Teacher Educators, Chicago, February 1999,with Sandra Fox and Rachel Ragland,”Addressing State and National Standards: A Study in Maintaining Program Identity.”

Presentation Association for Teacher Educators, Dallas, Texas, February 1998,with Sandra Fox,”Facing Growth and Standards: A Program in Transition.”

Kappa Delta Pi International Convocation, St. Louis, November 1997, with Denise Kenigsberg, Emily Rendon, & Katherine Resnick, “Mentor Preparation Program: A School District and College Partnership.”

Association of Teacher Educators, St. Louis, February 1996, with Sherry Bressman, Sandra Fox, Gail Perillo, and Cathy Wimett, “Supervisors Stories: Facilitating Collaboration, Partnerships, and Professional Development Presentation.”

College Service and Grant-funded Work

Assessment Committee
Curricular Policy Committee
Education Advisory Council
Faculty Diversity Recruitment Subcommittee
Human Subjects Committee
Sexual Harassment Committee

Associate Project Director, 2005-2008, Linking Learning Communities: New Teacher Leadership Project; Part of the Associated Colleges of Illinois, Center for Success in High-Need Schools; United States Department of Education Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant