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Sean Brendan Menke

Associate Professor of Biology


Post-doctoral Fellow, North Carolina State University
PhD Biology, University of California, San Diego, 2007
MS Zoology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, 2002
BA Biology, University of Minnesota, Morris, 1999


Community Ecology
Urban Ecology

Courses Taught

Biology 220: Evolution and Ecology with lab
Biology 131: Biological Inquiry:Invasion Ecology
Biology 373: Community Ecology with lab
Biology 374: Biogeography with lab
Biology 383: Herpetology with lab
Biology 484: Biology of Extinctions
FIYS 112: Wild Chicago - Exploring the Urban Jungle

Selected Publications

Menke, S.B., P.S. Ward, and D.A. Holway. 2018. Long-term record of Argentine ant invasions reveals enduring ecological impacts. Ecology 99(5):1194-1202.

Ksiazek-Mikenas, K., J. Herrmann, S.B. Menke, and M. Kohler. 2018. If you build it, will they come? Plant and arthropod diversity on urban green roofs over time. Urban Naturalist Special Issue 1:52-72.

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* indicates student co-authors.