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Faculty experts

  • Dawn Abt-Perkins
    Director of Writing Programs and Professor of Education

    Areas of Study: secondary and multicultural education

  • Glenn Adelson
    Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study:  conservation biology and restoration ecology, conceptualizing biodiversity, literature and the environment

  • Robert Archambeau
    Professor of English

    Areas of Study: English literature, nineteenth-century literature, writing poetry

  • Carla Arnell
    Associate Professor of English

    Areas of Study: ancient and medieval literature, history of the English novel

  • Robert A. Baade
    A. B. Dick Professor of Economics

    Areas of Study:  international trade, international finance, economics of sports

  • Sugata Banerji
    Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Areas of Study: computer vision, scene understanding, machine learning

  • Lois Barr
    Associate Professor of Spanish, Emerita

    Areas of Study:  Spanish language, Latin American literature, peninsular literature

  • Anne F. Barry
    Assistant Professor of Music

    Areas of Study: choral, music education, international music education

  • Christopher Todd Beer
    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    Areas of Study:  globalization, social movements, environmental sociology, climate change and climate justice, East Africa, economic and labor sociology, survey methodology

  • Elizabeth Benacka
    Assistant Professor of Communication

    Areas of Study:  rhetoric of humor, rhetorical theory and criticism, feminist rhetoric

  • Catherine Benton
    Associate Professor of Religion

    Areas of Study: history of religions, Asian religions, cross-cultural studies

  • David Boden
    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Areas of Study:  cultural sociology, law and social policy, research methods, community and identity

  • Nancy Brekke
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: social psychology, psychology and law, research methods and statistics, social cognition, prejudice

  • Shiwei Chen
    Professor of History

    Areas of Study:  East Asian history

  • Jason A. Cody
    of Chemistry

    Areas of Study: inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry

  • Joshua Corey
    Gustav E. Beerly, Jr. Assistant Professor of English

    Areas of Study: modern and contemporary poetry, creative writing, critical theory, Anglo-American modernism, writing

  • Miguel de Baca
    Associate Professor of Art History

    Areas of Study: America, modern, and contemporary art history

  • Shubhik DebBurman
    Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: cell biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology of human disease

  • Les R. Dlabay
    Professor of Economics and Business

    Areas of Study:  international business, microfinance and alternative financial services in informal economic settings, business development in base of the pyramid (BoP) and emerging market settings, global marketing research in cross-cultural settings, Latin American global business, Asian business culture and trade relations, financial accounting, capital budgeting

  • Kathryn Dohrmann
    Assistant Professor of Psychology 

    Areas of Study: developmental psychology, human sexuality, public health, psychology of gender, environmental psychology, Montessori education

  • Judy Massey Dozier
    Associate Professor of English

    Areas of Study: African American literature, gender studies, nineteenth-century American literature.

  • Scott N. Edgar
    Assistant Professor of Music 

    Areas of Study: music education, band

  • Daw-Nay N.R. Evans Jr.
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies

    Areas of specialty: Africana Philosophy, Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race, Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century European Philosophy
  • Amanda Felkey
    Associate Professor of Economics and Business

    Areas of Study:  household economics, behavioral economics, development economics, quantitative methods, microeconomic theory

  • David Fernandez-Diaz
    Assistant Professor of Spanish

    Areas of Study: Spanish language, XVIIIth to XXth century Spanish literature

  • Elizabeth W. Fischer
    Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

    Areas of Study:  natural science, organic chemistry, biochemistry

  • Richard Fisher
    Associate Professor of German

    Areas of Study:  Goethezeit, modern German literature, literary genres, epic literature, comparative studies

  • Stewart Foley
    Lecturer in Finance

    Areas of Study: global insurance, insurance asset management, corporate finance, investments

  • Jean-Luc Garneau
    Professor of French

    Areas of Study:  linguistics, littérature Québécoise, French literature of the twentieth century, translation

  • Carol Gayle
    Associate Professor of History, Associate Director of the Master of Liberal Studies Program

    Areas of Study:  Russian and European history

  • David George
    Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  Spanish language, Spanish literature, Latin American studies, Portuguese language, theater, translation, cinema studies

  • Benjamin Goluboff
    Associate Professor of English

    Areas of Study: American literature, nineteenth-century literature, literature and the environment, writing, poetry

  • Rebecca Graff
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Areas of Study: historical archaeology, U.S. urban archaeology (19th- and 20th- century Chicago), modern and contemporary material culture, world’s fairs and expositions, anthropology of time and temporality, archaeology of tourism

  • Kent Grote
    Assistant Professor of Economics and Business

    Areas of Study:  finance, investment analysis, industrial organization

  • R. Sergio Guglielmi
    Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: medical and health psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychophysiology, personality

  • Muris Hadzic
    Instructor in Finance

    Areas of study: financial economics, asset pricing, behavioral finance, news analytics, textual analysis in finance, quantitative finance, money and banking, Islamic finance

  • Cynthia T. Hahn
    Professor of French

    Areas of Study:   French language; Francophone literature of Quebec, Africa, and Lebanon; French literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; translation; business French; French film, Islamic World Studies; cinema studies; creative writing

  • Daniel Hanna
    Assistant Professor of French and Spanish

    Areas of Study: French literature, literature in translation

  • Brian Healy
    Assistant Professor of Theater and Resident Designer/Technical Director

    Areas of Study: stage design and technical production

  • Robert Holliday
    Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Areas of Study:  computer science, combinatorics

  • Linda Horwitz
    Associate Professor of Communication

    Areas of Study:  feminist rhetoric, history of rhetoric, American public address

  • Anne E. Houde
    Foster G. and Mary W. McGaw Professor in the Life Sciences 

    Areas of Study: behavior, evolution, ecology

  • Fatima Imam
    Assistant Professor of History

    Areas of Study: South Asian history

  • Chloe Johnston
    Assistant Professor of Theater

    Areas of Study: performance studies, performance art 

  • Anna Trumbore Jones
    Professor of History

    Areas of Study: ancient and medieval history, late antiquity, history of Chrsitianity

  • Michael M. Kash
    Professor of Physics

    Areas of Study: atomic physics, quantum optics, lasers

  • Laura J. Kateley
    Associate Professor of Chemistry, Emerita

    Areas of Study: inorganic chemistry, synthesis, chromatographic, spectroscopic applications

  • Matthew R. Kelley
    Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: cognitive psychology, learning and memory, research methods and statistics

  • Karen E. Kirk
    Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: genetics, genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology

  • Craig Knuckles
    Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

    Areas of Study:  control theory and optimization, functional analysis, computer science

  • Denise Kripper
    Assistant Professor of Spanish

    Areas of Study: spanish language, translation theory, transatlantic studies, contemporary Latin American literature

  • Marc Lawrence
    Lecturer in Finance 

    Areas of Study: investment management, capital markets, hedge funds, corporate bankruptcy, value investing

  • Karen Lebergott
     Associate Professor of Art

    Areas of Study:  painting, drawing, mixed media

  • Dan LeMahieu
     Hotchkiss Presidential Professor of History, Director of the Master of Liberal Studies Program

    Areas of Study:  modern European history

  • Robert J. Lemke
    Professor of Economics and Business

    Areas of Study: microeconomic theory, industrial organization, econometrics, labor economics, mathematical economics

  • Debra Homer Levis
    Assistant Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study:  American politics and law

  • Douglas B. Light
    Laurence R. Lee Family Professor of Biology

    Areas of Study: animal and human physiology, cell physiology, neurophysiology

  • Louis G. Lombardi
     Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus and Director of the Ethics Center

    Areas of Study:  ethics, political philosophy, Greek thought

  • Susan M. Long
    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: community psychology, violence against women, women in poverty, and community interventions, homeless families

  • Edward (Ned) Loughridge
    Lecturer in Finance

    Areas of Study:  insurance

  • James Lundberg
    Uihlein Assistant Professor of History

    Areas of Study: American history

  • Jean-Marie Maddux
    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: behavioral neuroscience, associative learning, attention and learning, motivation, incentive salience, addiction, behavioral pharmacology

  • Ann B. Maine
    Senior Lecturer in Biology

    Areas of Study: molecular genetics, cell biology

  • Richard Mallette
    Distinguished Service Professor of English, Emeritus

    Areas of Study: English literature, Renaissance studies

  • James Marquardt
    Associate Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study:  American politics, international relations

  • William B. Martin
    Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

    Areas of Study: organic chemistry, synthesis, biochemistry, enzyme inhibition

  • Zachary Martin
    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

    Areas of Study: creative writing, editing and publishing, modern and contemporary fiction, Indian literature

  • Tracy McCabe
    Senior Lecturer in English

    Areas of Study:  women’s studies, writing

  • Brian McCammack
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

    Areas of Study: American environmental history, American studies, African American studies, environmental justice

  • Janet McCracken
     Professor of Philosophy

    Areas of Study:  aesthetics, history of philosophy, gender studies, film

  • Robert Chad McCracken
     Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Politics

    Areas of Study: philosophy of law, political philosophy, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy

  • Gizella Meneses
    Associate Professor of Spanish

    Areas of Study:  U.S. Latino/a literatures and cultures, testimonial literature, Latin American colonial studies, Latino and Latin American cultural studies and film

  • Dustin Mengelkoch
    Associate Professor of English

    Areas of Study: Ancient and Early Modern Literature, Neo-Latin, History of the Book, Literary Criticism


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