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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tony Bynum

Anthony Bynum

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship


Applies the following capabilities to his work:
Human-Centered Design & Innovation
Structured Innovation Planning
Systems Thinking
Strategic Growth & Organizational Change


MBA, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
MDM, Innovation Planning, ITT
Graduate Studies, Organizational Psychology, Chicago School of
  Professional Psychology
BA, University of Wisconsin - Stout

Academic Experience 

Adjunct Professor, Executive Education, Design Thinking - ITT, Institute
  of Design
Visiting Professor, Design Thinking - CEDIM, School of Design, Mexico
Faculty Co-Chair and Lead Instructor, Design Thinking, Rutgers
Director at-large, University of Chicago’s Innovation Roundtable
Coach, Northwestern University’s Design for America program

Professional Experience

Owner and President, NineDotSquare, a growth and innovation
  strategy consultancy