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College Catalog

Costs and Financial Aid

  • Billing

    Billing procedures for all semester programs will be facilitated by Lake Forest College, allowing students who are participating in approved programs to remain enrolled at the College. Students will be billed by Lake Forest College. The College will, in turn, pay the program sponsor.

    Costs can vary greatly from program to program. Participants in Lake Forest College-branded, ACM, and affiliated semester programs on our “Programs We Offer” webpage will be billed for the regular Lake Forest College tuition for that term, plus a program fee that differs by program/location.  The program fee in nearly all cases includes housing (except in Chicago Semester for Urban Teaching, AIT Budapest, and Budapest Semester in Math – these programs do housing placements for students, who pay directly to landlord on arrival).  Depending on the program, it may include some meals.  Students are responsible for other expenses, such as visa fees, personal travel, vaccinations, airfare, insurance, and other personal expenses.

    If a student is on campus for a portion of the semester before departing for their program, they will be billed for pro-rated fees. These fees may include housing, health and wellness, activity fees, or any others that are charged to students.

    For summer programs, the billing procedure will depend on the program sponsor’s relationship with Lake Forest College. Some programs will bill students directly. Other programs will bill Lake Forest College, who will in turn bill the student.  Contact Ashley Sinclair with any questions.

    Withdrawal fees

    A penalty fee for withdrawal from any program will apply. This fee may increase as the program beginning date approaches. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fees for your selected program.  For all programs, it will result in the loss of the deposit with Lake Forest College.

    For Lake Forest faculty-led programs, the standard withdrawal rates for tuition only will apply. Students will be responsible for costs of housing and travel that can not be recouped by the program.  

    For all other programs, their refund schedule/withdrawal policy may vary. Please be sure to check with your program to be sure you understand the withdrawal policy before paying any confirmation deposits.  

    In all cases, if the College receives a bill from a program for your withdrawal, it will be added to your student account.  Failure to pay your bill may result in inability to register for classes.

    Refunds will not be issued for dismissal, suspension, or expulsion from the College or off-campus program, and no room refunds for removal from campus housing or off-campus program due to judicial sanction.

    Refunds will not be given for students that are declared ineligible to study off-campus due to disciplinary sanctions or academic progress occurring after initial approval. Students will be responsible for any withdrawal fees to their program, as well as any cancelled travel and other expenses.

    Financial Aid

    A student receiving financial aid (scholarship, grant, loan) at Lake Forest may be able to use that aid for an approved semester off-campus program.  (See NOTES below regarding tuition remission plans, if applicable.)

    Students may carry financial aid to a TOTAL of two semester programs, not including Lake Forest College in the Loop. Such aid is guaranteed ONLY for Lake Forest-branded, ACM, and programs on the affiliated off-campus study programs list. However, if a student participates in two semesters, one of those semesters MUST be an Exchange.  See Ashley Sinclair for details.

    Students who earn credit from an approved off-campus program and whose financial aid has been applied to that program may not drop—in whole or in part—any such credit without also fully reimbursing the College for all aid transferred to that program.

    Students intending to participate in a semester program not on our affiliated program list will not be able to transfer their aid.  A student may file a petition for a non-affiliated semester program to be granted transferability of credit and/or aid. If approved, the student will pay Lake Forest tuition and a program fee before aid can be transferred.  Petitions will only be reviewed if allowed by the overall College and OCP budgets, and are not guaranteed to be granted.  See the Policy Regarding Outside Programs or contact Ashley Sinclair for more details.

    THERE IS NO LAKE FOREST FINANCIAL AID FOR ANY SUMMER PROGRAM. Some outside providers or national competitions may provide financial assistance for summer programs. Contact Ashley Sinclair for assistance with your applications.

    Tuition Remission Exchange Program (TREP) 

    If you attend Lake Forest College under the Tuition Remission Exchange Program (ACM schools only), your full tuition benefit will apply only  to participation in programs found the “Programs We Offer” page.  Please see the Financial Aid Office to determine level of coverage, and your anticipated out-of-pocket costs.

    Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC TEP)

    If you attend Lake Forest College under the CIC TEP program, your full tuition benefit will apply only to participation in ISEP Exchange programs and Lake Forest College in the Loop. On average, there are over 150 ISEP Exchange programs offered each semester in locations across the world including London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Sydney, and Buenos Aires.  ISEP Direct programs and other non-exchange programs are not covered by CIC TEP benefits.

    While in the Loop, students must take Lake Forest faculty-taught courses, either on the Lake Forest campus or taught at the Flats.  Courses taught at partner institutions are not covered by CIC TEP benefits. If students wish to take a course at a partner institution through the Loop program, they would be responsible to pay that institution directly and show evidence of payment to the Center for Chicago Programs before moving into The Flats.

    See Ashley Sinclair for details. Please see the Financial Aid Office to determine your anticipated out-of-pocket costs.

    Other Non-LFC/ACM College Benefits

    If you are a dependent of a Lake Forest College employee and believe you are eligible for other non-LFC, non-ACM benefits, please contact the Director of Financial Aid, Jerry Cebrzynski, to verify such eligibility.