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Coming 2018-2019 Academic Year: New Science Center

The Lillard Science Center will be located on Middle Campus and serve students from several disciplines.The Lillard Science Center will be located on Middle Campus and serve students from several disciplines.

Innovative design and technology reflects forward-thinking curriculum

Envisioning that future discoveries will be increasingly interdisciplinary in nature, the new Science Center will accommodate the multi-disciplinary needs of the biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology departments, as well as the environmental studies and neuroscience programs. 

The $43 million renovation and addition project will transform the existing science center into a 130,000-square-foot state-of-the-art research and teaching facility. 

The Lillard Science Center provides:

  • Increased capacity to support highly valued faculty-student collaborative research
  • A consolidated facility to allow for research and exploration across the disciplines and encourage interdisciplinary problem solving
  • State-of-the-art equipment in labs to facilitate hands-on training in the use of modern instrumentation
  • Expansion of teaching lab capacity with 21st century flexible teaching labs that support the latest pedagogies and discussion-based inquiry
  • Versatile modern spaces to facilitate collaboration among students for group work and breakout sessions as well as informal interaction
  • Additional office and research space to permit expansion of the science faculty 

The Lillard Science Center Renovation and Addition Project promises to be a centerpiece of the College’s next comprehensive fundraising campaign, which is currently in the leadership gift phase. Private support for the project is critical, as the College does not intend to borrow funds in order to maintain its aggressive timeline. If you are interested in supporting the project, please contact Philip Hood, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, at hood@lakeforest.edu

Science Center Updates

  • Quinn Matuschek '19 is at home in the new Lillard Science Center on the first day of classes, January 16.
    Students were wowed as they walked into the new Lillard Science Center on Tuesday—the first day of classes ever in the new facility.
  • Marko Simovic '21 is among a group of students working as moving assistants over winter break to help with the transition ...
    After months of watching as the Lillard Science Center took shape on Middle Campus, students will now attend biology, chemistry, and physics classes in the addition this spring.
  • Workers lay new sidewalk around Lillard Science Center during fall break 2017.
    Most of the fencing around the Science Center construction site is gone, giving passersby an unobstructed view of the new project.
  • A drone operator launches a camera-equipped drone to circle the Lillard Science Center construction project, capturing ima...
    A drone camera captured aerial photos and video of the new Lillard Science Center renovation and construction project on a nearly windless, sunny morning.
  • Work will be conducted on the B-wing starting May 15 and likely last until the end of July, which will include closing off the entrance and stairs on the south side of the B-wing and removing two bathrooms in the McCormick Auditorium lobby.
  • Construction traffic at the new Lillard Science Center was heavier than usual during spring break last week due to delivery of large pieces of air-refigeration equipment.
  • Workers smooth the just-poured concrete to create floors in the science center addition.
    Concrete trucks—sometimes as many as five per hour—lumbered onto campus in the last few weeks during the pouring of the floor decks in the new Lillard Science Center addition.
  • Students, faculty and staff can expect an increase in construction traffic as more workers, including plumbers and electricians, arrive on campus to work on the Lillard Science Center.
  • Glaring sun and bright blue skies belied the bitter -2° wind chill in Lake Forest on Wednesday, January 4, as construction of the new Lillard Science Center continued unabated. A tour around the building shows the progress—and new views.
  • The steel erection on the Lillard Science Center has begun.
    The next step in the construction of the new Lillard Science Center is under way and has continued despite two snowstorms.
  • The footprint for the new Lillard Science Center addition under construction on Middle Campus is taking shape, with the perimeter of the new building clearly visible.
  • Work on the foundation walls of the new Lillard Science Center on Middle Campus began this week.
  • Workers installed banners on the fencing around the science center construction site on Middle Campus this week. Don’t miss the ceremonial beam signing at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 7.
  • This week on Middle Campus, workers are installing concrete pylons to support the foundation of the science center addition.
  • New signage, sidewalks, and entrance ramps are facilitating entrance and exit from the now disconnected science buildings.
  • Bridge halfway gone.
    The bridge that connected Johnson A and B was removed Tuesday, August 30, as site preparation for the Science Center expansion progresses.
  • A live stream of the ongoing work at the Science Center on Middle Campus can be viewed here. Keep up-to-date on progress as it happens.
  • Signs, sidewalks, and ramps were installed this week around the Science Center to direct pedestrian traffic flow around Middle Campus and safe entry to the science buildings during construction.
  • When students—and faculty—return to campus, they’ll find the Johnson C building gone as work continues on site preparation for the Science Center renovation and expansion.
  • Work on the renovation and expansion of Johnson Science Center—the most visible project in Access: The Campaign for Lake Forest College—has begun.

The Stantec senior architect, Michael Reagan, provided an information session on January 29, 2015, for faculty, staff and students. Watch the presentation online.