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About Us

Sustainability at Lake Forest College

The Campus Sustainability Committee is an elected committee composed of Faculty, Staff, and Students. The Committee aims to make informed decisions for a sustainable future of the college.

We are currently working on composing a Campus Sustainability Plan which will lay out what the college has already done to become more sustainable and what will be done in the future. The following are just a few examples of what will be included in the plan:

What We’ve Done

  • Installed green infrastructure such as the new Wetland Learning Lab that helps manage stormwater runoff from the Lillard Science Center.
  • Actively maintain three natural areas that, aside from their curricular uses, elevate campus biodiversity, reduce the college’s carbon footprint and its dependency on toxic lawn treatments, and mitigate stormwater runoff into the ravines.
  • Adopted electric mowers and other lawncare tools which has decreased noise pollution and reduced North and Middle Campus fuel usage from an average of 182 gal/week to 25 gal/week.
  • Grow organic produce in the student run Lake Forest College Student Garden at Glen Rowan and sell it at markets on campus and in town.
  • Improved recycling accessibility campus-wide by providing every dorm room with a recycling bin, providing every residence hall with a recycling dumpster, and offering special bin in select location for recycling items such as plastic bag or batteries.
  • Started tracking pre-consumer food prep waste and using biodegradable utensils for large events on campus.
  • Installed a bike repair kiosk next to Facilities Management to encourage the use of bike transit.

What We Can Do

  • Promote the donation of unwanted items upon move-out by designating a common room in each residence hall as a donation station.
  • Designate one “sustainability representative” per residence hall to encourage better energy use practices among students.
  • Green the college’s fleet of buses and vans by identifying opportunities for purchasing hybrid/electric low or zero-emission vehicles when a vehicle needs replacement.
  • Complete the installation of a green rooftop garden, outdoor classroom, and greenhouse with native species in the new Lillard Science Center.
  • Set targets for reducing water consumption on campus.
  • Quantify and document planting across campus.
  • Increase faculty, staff, and student literacy about the purposes and benefits of campus restoration efforts through events, social media, etc.
  • Further encourage recycling through informational posters or labels about what can be recycled and more prominent labeling on recycling dumpsters to reduce confusion.

Fringed Gentian (Gentiana crinita)

Pictured: Fringed Gentian (Gentiana crinita)