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About Us

Green Groups


The League for Environmental Awareness and Protection is a student run organization. They actively work on and off campus to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship.

2. Campus Sustainability Committee

The CSC is an elected committee composed of Faculty, Staff, and Students. The Committee aims to make informed decisions for a sustainable future of the college.

The CSC is currently focused on reducing food waste on campus and creating a comprehensive campus sustainability plan. They are also looking into how to use the new Green Fund (passed by Student Government in Fall 2017) to improve campus sustainability with a focus on energy efficiency.

3. The Lake Forest College Student Garden at Glen Rowan

The Student Garden, located behind the Glen Rowan House, is an organic garden maintained entirely by student workers.

The garden stewards are in charge of everything from planning and planting to tending, harvesting, and selling. Produce grown in the garden is sold at the Middle Campus Market and in town at the Lake Forest Farmers’ Market. Extra produce is given to Aramark and used in the campus cafeteria.