Strategic Partnerships

Committee Lens:

  • Academic (education and experiential learning)
  • Career (internships and postgraduate employment)
  • Enrollment (marketing), and Philanthropy (funding)

Serving the needs of our diverse student body

Unique College Strengths: Location, Liberal Arts, Diversity, the CAC Pathway Communities, and our Creative, Caring, and Committed Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni

Ability to be strategic and rally around the needs of our students

Thank you to the full committee, members listed here

Jackie Slaats
Shubhik DebBurman
Kate Jackson
Matt Kelley
Jennifer Larsen '07
Janet McCracken
Phil Merlin
 Colleen Monks
Molly Noyed
Ben Rohde
Kim Weidner-Feigh
Jessica West
Geoff Curtis '97
David Gorter '80
Angelique Richard '85

Committee Materials

Planning Report (contains the reports from each of the five planning groups)

Strategic Partnerships Town Hall Presentation (shown at the Strategic Partnerships Town Hall meeting)

Your thoughts and recommendations are valuable to the development of our Strategic Framework.