Residential Planning


  1. What is the state of deferred maintenance in our existing residence halls?
  2. Should we add new residence halls or tear down existing halls?
  3. Do the existing buildings meet the needs of current students and provide the type of accommodation that competitors provide?
  4. How should we address parking problems?

Building Community

  1. How can staffing in Residence Life be maximized to improve community?
  2. What will it take to build community in our residential program?
  3. What kind of spaces create community?

Financial Considerations

  1. Does the residential program make money?
  2. How can the College afford to update the residence halls?
  3. Can students afford our room and board?
  4. How does differential pricing impact equity on campus?
  5. What is the financial role of summer programs that utilize the residence halls?
Thank you to the full committee, members listed here

Dawn Abt-Perkins
Jordan Ahlersmeyer-Huang
Andrea Conner
Linda Horwitz
Joe Kinsella
Sean Menke
Kristen Nolan
David Siebert
Lori Sundberg

Committee Materials

Planning Report (contains the reports from each of the five planning groups)

Residential Planning Town Hall Presentation (shown at the Residential Planning Town Hall meeting)

Your thoughts and recommendations are valuable to the development of our Strategic Framework.