Enrollment Planning

Guiding questions

  • What should be our enrollment priorities?
  • What strategic initiatives will help advance these priorities?
  • What are the potential impacts and costs associated with these initiatives?
  • Post-report: what value are these discussions now that we’ve met capacity?
Thank you to the full committee, members listed here

Cassondra Batz-Barbarich
Jason Cody
Enrique Trevino
Ben Zeller
Jim Catanzaro
Mike Cohen
Chris Ellertson
Erin Hoffman
Lori Sundberg
Marisue Lacher
Martino Moore
Steve Strelsin

Committee Materials

Planning Report (contains the reports from each of the five planning groups)

Enrollment Planning Town Hall Presentation (shown at the Enrollment Planning Town Hall meeting)

Your thoughts and recommendations are valuable to the development of our Strategic Framework.