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Academic Planning

The Academic Planning Group organized discussion around the following:

  • The Academic Program Portfolio: What We Teach
  • The Changing Student Body: Those Whom We Team
  • The Faculty Experience: How We Teach
Thank you to the full committee, members listed here

Dawn Abt-Perkins
Dominique Allion
Carla Arnell
Nancy Brekke
Muris Hadzic
Chloe Johnston
Anna Jones
Courtney Joseph
Matt Kelley
Nathan Mueggenburg
David Park
Davis Schneiderman
Erica Schultz
Lori Sundberg
Tracy Marie Taylor
Sara Jamshidi

Committee Materials

Planning Report (contains the reports from each of the five planning groups)

Academic Planning Town Hall Presentation (shown at the Academic Planning Town Hall meeting)

Your thoughts and recommendations are valuable to the development of our Strategic Framework.