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Answers to Questions from August 6 2020 Town Meeting

Q. Will there be student government elections and other club sign-ups?

A. Yes! We are working on a digital club and organizations fair that will take place over the software called my.involvement, which is what clubs and organizations already use to manage their membership. Student Government is pondering how to manage the elections since they are usually representatives of residential areas. But yes, government will function and more will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Q. Will students who are taking a leave of absence in the interest of their academic success be able to maintain their leadership roles and involvement in student organizations? I see this as important for the strength of student organizations and retention.

A. I’m afraid that students who are not enrolled in classes due to personal leaves, medical leaves, or withdrawals are not eligible for leadership roles due to the fact that they are not currently a student.

Q. I was expecting to be paid for work over the summer, but as I’m out of the state, the college did not pay me. Can I still do work this semester/year but have it labelled as a grant or a scholarship?

A. Unfortunately, we are not able to do that.

Q. Are classes pass/ fail again including classes in our major?

A. The Curricular Policies Committee is currently considering whether to raise the cap on the number of P/F courses a student make take. This potential change would not waive P/F issues for major courses. Courses will not be automatic P/F.

Q. Good Evening! Since school is virtual this fall, how much will tuition decrease. For example, if i student is given $30,000 in scholarships, is their tuition going to change minimally due to their high scholarship? If that is the case, would you recommend the student takes the free class that will be offered after the revised award letter.

A. Tuition will not be decreased. Instead you will receive a 10% credit, based on your tuition minus your grants and scholarships. You should have received an email about that recently. Taking a free class is a better value/option.

Q. Will all classes be held via zoom during regular class times?

A. Yes. We prioritize access to faculty and have organized courses to provide that access most effectively. While spring courses may have run both asynchronously and synchronously, fall courses meet synchronously, unless the student has a COVID-specific reason to participate asynchronously.

Q. International students have voiced their dissatisfaction with the decision not to have a food service on campus. Is the college considering changing its decision on this?

A. The students who have been approved to live on campus this fall have been informed of the continuation of the summer meal service offered by Parkhurst. The dining hall will continue to be closed and the regular meal plan will not be in place, but the summer meal plan with to-go service will continue.

Q. Will we still receive our refund checks online?

A. Yes, that process will continue as usual.

Q. Good evening to all, thank you for this informative meeting. I wanted to comment that one of my daughters is attending a college that has split the semester into two “modules”, so that students can take half of their classes during the first part of the semester, and the second half of their class load during the second module of the fall semester. The this system intends to provide opportunities for more in depth classwork and the ability to make connections with other students and teachers by “juggling” less classwork and assignments and hopefully providing a more cohesive remote learning experience. Has LFC considered this type of model?

A. We did, and have spoken with administrators at colleges that made this choice. The main driver of this schedule is about “timing the virus,” with the hope that a clean break might allow in-person courses to take place later, if not possible earlier. This works only if the timeline of the virus aligns neatly with the two-part structure. In terms of “juggling,” the amount of time a student must spend on course work in both models is the same, because that amount of time is mandated by the definition of a credit hour offered by the federal government. This is true whether one takes two courses in half the time, followed by the another two, or four courses in the regular semester period. Therefore, we focused our work this summer on ensuring the quality of fall courses in the remote environment, and we have made significant investments to ensure our success.

Q. Not for hire in the library but if someone had already been working in the library. I was wondering because students need help find resources all the time and with research, there must be some work for student worker, especially in the reference section right?

A. The Library has plans to offer all essential services, including e-reserves, new student orientation, ILL, instruction, and reference support (e-mail, appointments, and chat). The Library and other campus offices will hire students as needed to offer their services in the remote environment.

Q. Do first year students have an opportunity to change their classes?

A. Yes. First-year students will work with their advisors on August 20 and 21 to make course scheduled changes before the first day of classes. Further changes can be made during the “Add/Drop” period in the first two weeks of classes.

Q. Are we still able to receive health insurance through the school even though we are not on campus?

A. Please see this website for all information related to the College’s student health insurance through Gallagher: On that page, you’ll see the new deadline to waive this health insurance (either because you are covered elsewhere or because you live outside of the US and are not eligible) is September 9, 2020. The waiver form is there on the website. There is also a Gallagher FAQ document here ( that concludes with a variety of contact information for Gallagher. If you have additional questions about student health insurance, please contact Siobhan Michelotti in Health & Wellness at

Q. Should international students keep/get the health insurance if they are planning to come back to the US in Spring?

A. We will provide additional instructions to international students who need to waive the insurance for the fall, but will want to enroll in the spring. More information forthcoming. See answer above for more info.

Q. Who do we reach out to to waive the health insurance?

A. See answer to the previous two questions for more information.

Q. Is Fall tuition still due on August 15 as we don’t know what the final cost will be regarding whether we opt for the percentage off option or the one free credit option? I also don’t believe we received the notice as to which option we will choose.

A. You should have received that email by now. If you have any questions as to your exact amount please contact Student Accounts.

Q. Are there any grants that support international students during the pandemic time?

A. We can and will review every special circumstance and offer as much help as we can.

Q. Are there any grants that support international students during the pandemic time?

A. We can and will review every special circumstance and offer as much help as we can.

Q. How will accommodations be made to help students with limited access to technology not only for regular zoom classes, but for classes that require specific programs?

A. All students with technology concerns should contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at They will work directly with the student to be assist with access and technology issues.

Q. I work in admissions and the visit grant amount per year has changed and that is a correction from what was said earlier as that was incorrect.

A. The Visit Grant was increased for the incoming class, from $1,000 to $2,000.

Many other questions were answered during the live session. View the August 6 Town Meeting recording here.