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Answers to Questions from August 13 2020 Town Meeting

Q. I have the option of either removing $750 from my fall billing statement or taking a $3,300 class for free during the summer. If this is the case, would $750 be the maximum amount that I would owe during the fall in my case?

A. $750 is the credit you would receive for the fall semester, which is a separate calculation from the amount you would end up owing for the fall semester. The free class is actually a better value. Please reach out to Financial Aid or Student Accounts for the actual amount you would owe.

Q. Do I need to have insurance to be able to waive the student health insurance offered by Lake Forest College?

A. Yes, all students need to have proof of insurance whether in-state or out-of-state.

Q. Can I waive the student insurance just for the fall only?

A. No, students are waiving the annual premium that provides yearly coverage. Students will automatically be assessed student insurance for the spring/summer semester in January. Another waiver process will be offered at that time for students who wish to opt-out.

Q. Where do I go to waive the student health insurance?

A. You can waive the student health insurance coverage at

Q. Where can I find details about the student insurance coverage and additional plan details?

A. Details are available at

Q. Do you currently have a plan if it turns out that the Spring Semester has to be remote?

A. We expect to welcome students back to campus for the spring semester. If that becomes impossible due to health and safety considerations, then a remote spring semester would resemble this fall semester, with relevant improvements as required.

Q. Can you at least commit to having the seniors back on campus in housing with dining options in the spring even if classes are online only?

A. Once again, we expect to welcome students back to campus for the spring semester, especially seniors in their final semester. Only unavoidable health and safety considerations would prevent this.

Q. What is the amount of the Visit Grant for new students this year?

A. The Visit Grant is still $2,000. Some families were eligible for an additional $2,000 (based on their financial aid application). These are two separate grants. Combined, these totaled $4,000, which may have led to some confusion about this year's Visit Grant award amount.

Q. When and how will sorority rush be held?

A. Our fraternities and sororities look forward to recruiting new members, and connecting students to campus life in this important way. The leadership of these organizations will host virtual receptions in the fall, and the formal recruitment process will be announced widely once details are firm.

Q. Can you please send me Chris Ellertson's email address?


Q. What kind of tech support will we receive?

A. Information Technology Services is ready to assist you with any technology-related question in support of student success. There are many resources already assembled to help students on the Learning Remotely webpage. Please reach out to the Help Desk with your questions, and they will work to quickly resolve problems and guide you to solutions.

Q. How do I enter the site address in the Moodle app on iOS to be able to access my Lake Forest Moodle account?

A. Enter in the Moodle app on your mobile device. You will be prompted to log in through a browser window. You will need to log in with your full email address as the username (including the and your email password. If you encounter any problems, please send a note to the Help Desk at, and we will be happy to assist you further.

Q. Can you give us an idea of what a typical day will look like for a student (first year)? Attend a class, collaborate with peers, etc.?

A. First year students will be enrolled in four classes, typically, and depending on their schedule, the student may meet with 1, 2, or 3 courses each day. College brings a lot more freedom in the schedule, which is different than high school (usually much more prescriptive in the US), so students will want to learn to budget time for studying, reading, and writing papers - more time than they spent on homework in high school.

Q. How can students interact with the Career Services Office for Internships?

A. Students should directly contact the Career Advancement Center by emailing CAC Director Colleen Monks at

Q. Thank you, I appreciate the information as well as the work staff has done to prepare for this shift. I’d like to request that you please make other similar opportunities (zoom/webinar) for parents to stay informed throughout the semester.

A. Thank you for the suggestion. Our Parents Council plans to host additional parents Zoom gatherings in days and weeks ahead.

Q. How will the online courses work, will we be required to join classes live, or will they be posted and available at any time?

A. We prioritize access to faculty and have organized courses to provide that access most effectively. While spring courses may have run both asynchronously and synchronously, fall courses meet synchronously, unless the student has a COVID-specific reason to participate asynchronously. Students approved for asynchronous instruction will receive all course materials.

Q. Will the precautions that were planned for the fall semester be used for the spring semester? Like daily temperature check, wearing masks and social distancing, etc.

A. Spring semester precautions will depend on the state of the coronavirus at the time. We will post more information about spring semester requirements later this fall.

Q. When is the deadline to convert a class to Pass/Fail?

A. The deadline has been extended to the last day of classes on December 4th.

Q. When will times for freshman orientation be released? We saw the dates were sent out, but still don't know the specific time of the sessions.

A. The schedule was sent to your Lake Forest College email address.

Q. When will the club schedule be posted?

A. The Gates Center will be announcing a virtual club fair, where students can learn about our various clubs and organizations, and sign up for email lists. The club meeting times vary.

Q. I may be dating myself as a parent, but are there textbook needs that students will learn about ahead of time or is all material digital?

A. Each class may use books or digital materials. For the former: Students and parents can purchase textbooks 24/7 at the bookstore website-
The bookstore is now offering Financial Aid online as an additional form of payment for textbook orders. The students will need to enter their Student ID and Name to access their financial aid voucher when placing an order. They will proceed to checkout and pay for their textbooks with that same voucher.
The bookstore is working with Mail Services to establish curbside pick-up for local students. Students must select “store pick up” on their orders, but that will be for curbside. The students will be able to call into the bookstore to set up a time for pick up their books. Shipping: The bookstore can ship all other orders directly to the student address. They currently offer 2-3-, 4-5-, and 7-day shipping at an additional fee for those orders. Their goal is a "hassle free” customer-service experience. For international shipments, please contact the bookstore directly.
Any questions or concerns: feel free to contact the bookstore by phone or email: 847-735-5221 -

Q. Is the campus bookstore open to the public yet, (Follett's) to purchase LFC merchandise?

A. I'm afraid that the Bookstore is not open to the public just yet, but they are working on an outdoor pick-up option that will be announced widely.

Many other questions were answered during the live session. View the August 13 Town Meeting recording here.