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Assessment of the Forester Fundamental Curriculum

Assessing the General Education Curriculum is one of the key tasks of the Assessment Committee. Our Forester Fundamental Curriculum is based ultimately on our Mission Statement.

For our current upperclass students, completion of the Historic General Education Curriculum will continue to be required. This Historic GEC is described here

For classes of First Year students entering in Fall 2018, the College is transitioning to a new Forester Fundamental Curriculum, which is described here.  This new FFC will apply to incoming transfer students beginning in Fall 2019, as well as all incoming students from then on. 

To assess the Learning Goals for Writing and Speaking, Cultural Diversity and Experiential Learning in this curriculum, the Assessment Committee has written the rubrics visible in the sidebar to the right. The committee will collect samples of student works in the appropriate format for the learning goal being assessed, and evaluate them against these rubrics. 

The calendar for this assessment scheme is as follows:

2018-19 Collect and assess samples for courses tagged Writing Intensive.

2019-20 Collect samples from courses tagged Speaking Intensive.

2020-21 Collect samples for the Cultural Diversity goal. Assess materials for Speaking Intensive courses. 

2021-22 Collect reflections for the Experiential Learning Goal. Assess samples for Cultural Diversity goal.

2022-23 Experiential artifacts assessed.

2023-24 Assess Distribution requirement and Critical Thinking requirement.

Rubrics for GEC Assessment 2018 and later