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The Forest

Submit an event

Please note: If you are a LiveWhale user, or if your departmental assistant is one, you must submit your event that way. Otherwise, read on! 

Fill out the following form to have your event added to the calendar and to have it video-recorded. 

The title of the event will be the first thing viewers will see when looking at the campus calendar on the website. Example: "Annual Oppenheimer lecture: Animals are Human"
This is where you tell what kind of event it is, and who is leading it. Example: "A talk by award-winning author Temple Grandin"
What is the approximate length of the event?
Is it a discussion? Lecture? Poster presentation? Will there be a Q and A? A book signing? A sing-along? These details are essential to attract an audience and set their expectations.
Add the contact name and email address or phone number of the person who is planning the event.
If it's open to the public, and it's at least two weeks out, the Office of Communications and Marketing will send the details to online calendars and publications on the North Shore.
Please use this space to tell us if this event is worthy of special publicity or has a particular audience whom you would like to attend. If you've allowed for enough time (usually 4 to 6 weeks), we may be able to help you build an audience or garner special attention to your event.
If you want this event added to the calendar, it must be accompanied by a good-quality photo (JPG, GIF, PNG).
(15 MB max)
If you select recorded or live streamed, please fill out the additional questions below.
By selecting Yes, you agree that you have been granted express written permission of each participant allowing the College to video-record the event for academic and/or marketing purposes. If you select No, then the event will not be recorded.
Panopto can capture and display PowerPoint and other slides for later study and viewing.
Use this space to provide any other details about recording this event.