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Plan your campus event

Lake Forest faculty and staff: Here’s everything you need to know and do to host an event on campus.

  • Check the campus calendar to choose a date. Make sure it doesn’t conflict with other events. 
  • Reserve a room in the room scheduler on my.lakeforest. Think about what kind of crowd you might get. If it’s a smallish one, consider using Meyer Auditorium, which seats around 70 or so comfortably. If you think you’ll get 75 or more, try for the Chapel or McCormick Auditorium. McCormick can hold up to 190 people and has a great set-up for movies and presentations. (Wondering which room would work best? Contact Kelly Matuszewski in the Gates Center.)
  • Room set-up: Contact Frances Williams  in Facilities Management or use this handy online form to arrange for the room to be set up. Have your account number ready, and be specific about your requirements, such as a podium, arrangement of table and chairs, and the like. 
  • Have posters designed and/or printed through Al Olson in the Office of Visual Communications. Have your account number ready! You are responsible for distributing posters. 
  • Want your event video-recorded? Fill out this form or contact David Levinson in LIT.
  • Contact Andrew Diehl in LIT for tech help (microphone, computer, etc.). 
  • Fill out the following form to have your event displayed on the campus calendar and so we can publicize it. (Having trouble with it? Contact Lindsey Nemcek.) 

Publicize your event

The title of the event will be the first thing viewers will see when looking at the campus calendar on the website. Example: "Annual Oppenheimer lecture: Animals are Human"
This is where you tell what kind of event it is, and who is leading it. Example: "A talk by award-winning author Temple Grandin"
Is it a discussion? Lecture? Poster presentation? Will there be a Q and A? A book signing? A sing-along? These details are essential to attract an audience and set their expectations.
Add the contact name and email address or phone number here.
Please use this space to tell us if this event is worthy of special publicity or has a particular audience whom you would like to attend. If time permits, we can help you build an audience or garner special attention to your event.
If you want this event added to the calendar, it must be accompanied by a good-quality photo (JPG, GIF, PNG).
(15 MB max)