What We Value

A liberal arts education requires broad and deep exploration and study across disciplines.  Lake Forest College encourages this through our general education curriculum, extensive array of majors and minors, and engaging campus culture.    

Students’ co-curricular experiences, which complement their classroom learning, also teach them how to become responsible and effective citizens and leaders who can lead full and satisfying professional and personal lives.

Holistic Development

The Lake Forest College mission statement declares that education ennobles the individual.  In support of that mission, Student Affairs strives for an education that  transforms the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. To achieve this goal, we work to create a healthy learning community for our students.  We challenge students to make healthy life choices that will support their success as students and contribute to the health and wellness of our campus. We value and celebrate the considerable growth, development, and learning that occurs in all facets of the student experience, and create opportunities for reflection. Our staff members demonstrate care, compassion, and fairness towards students, while also emphasizing our community members’ interconnectedness. We provide individual attention to help students recognize their strengths and identify their areas of potential growth and learning, teach them to become self-advocates, and empower them in their journeys towards interdependence and self-reliance.


The College’s mission statement encourages students to learn to think for themselves, and Student Affairs helps students accomplish this not only in the classroom but also through co-curricular experiences.  Our residential environment provides an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and growth.  We challenge and support students in the learning process. 


The College’s mission statement encourages students to become “responsible citizens of the global community” and to work with other students, faculty and staff to “solve problems in a civil manner, collectively.”  We believe that students who are engaged with each other and with the College, and who practice good campus citizenship, will have more satisfying undergraduate experiences, achieve greater academic success, and are more likely to become engaged alumni.   Our system of shared governance provides students with a voice in most major decisions made on campus.  We value student engagement, provide opportunities for student leadership, and advise students as they participate in governance activities.


Lake Forest College “embraces cultural diversity,” in the words of our mission statement. To that end, the College’s general education curriculum incorporates cultural diversity and, outside the classroom, Student Affairs encourages rich intercultural interactions and dialogue.  We expect our students to approach differences openly and honestly with the intention of learning from and about each other.  Our students’ diversity adds to our community’s richness and to the students’ educational experiences.  We are a diverse community not just in our ethnic and cultural backgrounds but also in the breadth and depth of the variety of experiences that our students, staff and faculty bring to campus.   


Consistent with the College’s mission statement, we expect our students to become positive, contributing citizens of our community.  We support the College’s mission by preparing Lake Forest College students to become global citizens, with the ability and interest to be active leaders in their communities.  We value sustainability, community service, and social justice.  We expect our students to respect each other, their environment, and themselves at all times.


The College’s mission statement notes that “we maintain a secure campus of great beauty”, and our strong campus community is one of the College’s greatest assets.  We are all responsible for maintaining our community’s safety and security, and we are all accountable for how our actions affect others.  We teach and encourage students to make responsible decisions while also holding themselves and others accountable for their words and actions. Through our shared governance structure, we practice balancing individual needs and desires with those of the entire community.


The final sentence of the College’s mission statement is:  “Lake Forest College celebrates the personal growth that accompanies the quest for excellence.”  The bedrock of true personal growth is personal integrity.  Integrity means doing the right thing, even when it may be difficult or feel uncomfortable, and keeping your word, trusting others, and following through on your responsibilities.  We are ethical in our work, and we expect students to be, as well. Students must see integrity demonstrated in the staff and faculty of the College, and we value creating opportunities for students to develop their own sense of integrity, values, and ethics.  Students who are ethical and demonstrate integrity both inside and outside of the classroom are on their way to becoming the responsible citizens of the global community for which we are preparing them.