Meet Our Staff

A variety of professional and paraprofessional staff are ready to assist you in your transition to Lake Forest College.

Residence Directors (RDs) supervise the student Resident Assistant staff and help build strong residential communities. Each RD supervises two to three buildings. They are valuable resources for students: mediating roommate conflicts, supporting student programs and organizations, strengthening community spirit, enforcing community standards, and being active members of the Lake Forest College community.

Resident Assistants (RAs) foster an environment that is conducive to study and learning, promote personal growth and responsibility, and assist students in adjusting to the Lake Forest College community. The student staff serve as a resource for residents, coordinate educational and social programming, uphold College policies, and help students transition to the college environment.

North Campus

The North Campus Resident Assistant staff is charged with developing community in Lois and Deerpath halls in addition to the Cleveland-Young International Center.

Lois Hall Resident Assistants: Simone, Alex, Martina, Eric

Deerpath Hall Resident Assistants: Denise, Craig, Morgan, Jessica    

Cleveland-Young International Center Resident Assistants: Ivaylo & Korina 

Middle Campus

The Resident Assistant staff on Middle Campus oversee the community development in Harlan & Blackstone halls.

Harlan Hall Resident Assistants: João, Chase, Katelyn, April

Blackstone Hall Resident Assistants: Pumie, Mindy, Will, Kayla

South Campus

The South Campus Resident Assistant staff is charged with developing community in Moore, Nollen, Gregory, McClure and Roberts halls, in addition to the South Campus Apartments.

Moore Hall Resident Assistants: Rabia, Mati, Nate, Olivia, Constance, Marcelo, Lindsay

Nollen Hall Resident Assistants: Ben, Meena, Emily, Amanda

Gregory Hall Resident Assistants: Rickie, Ola, Rahul, Alyssa

McClure Hall Resident Assistants: Elikem, Devenia, Lisa, Mbakisi

Roberts Hall Resident Assistants: Hermann, Sandra, Dominic, Jordyn 

South Campus Apartments Resident Assistant: Osja 

‘In The Loop’

The ‘In The Loop’ Resident Assistant is charged with developing community on the seventh floor of Hostelling International in downtown Chicago, in conjunction with the Center for Chicago Programs, each semester.

‘In The Loop’ Resident Assistant: Elin