Education and Training

The Ally Program

The Ally Program involves students, faculty, and staff who have had specialized training to be a resource and support for all members of the Lake Forest College community. After completing training, Allies will have a symbol (placard) placed in their area of residence (students) or work (faculty/staff) that will identify them as individuals who have special skills and training around issues of culture and diversity, and as individuals who are well versed with a wide variety of College resources.

Training for new members of the Ally Program is held each semester.

Intercultural Retreat

The Intercultural Retreat is an annual program designed to build community among Lake Forest College students through discussions about the roles various aspects of cultural identity play in the community on an individual and institutional level. Additionally, students have the opportunity to think critically and dialogue about the implications of privilege and power on themselves, the Lake Forest College community, and their place in the global landscape.