Faith and Spirituality


Lake Forest College warmly welcomes students of all faiths. We cultivate an open dialogue that enables you to broaden your world view and connect with fellow students from diverse traditions.

Meditation Room

The meditation room is a place dedicated to silence, where people could withdraw into themselves, regardless of their faith or religion. You can access the meditation room through the stairwell located near the campus shuttle. 

For pictures of the Meditation room click here.  

Faith/Spirituality/Religious Student Organizations


Hillel is a group for Jewish students on campus. A developing organization, Hillel welcomes all Jews - reform, conservative, orthodox, or cultural. Our focus is to create a Jewish life on campus, cultivating a relationship with our community. In addition to planning for major holidays, Hillel hopes to take part in awareness projects. We also take part in Chicago Hillel events with area universities.


Is a Christian student organization sponsored by a national organization with campus groups that vary from college to college. Lake Forest College’s division of InterVarsity is open to all students who are interested in studying the Bible, worship, or hanging out. 

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association aspires to bring about a better understanding of Islam as a religion. We strive to make Islamic information available to the public and to encourage participation of MSA members in such endeavors.  We are also an organization that strives to strengthen the faith of each Muslim in God and the message He revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  A key objective of MSA is to present and explain Islam to the followers of other faiths.  This organization does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.  One does NOT have to be Muslim to participate in this organization.

Area Religious Center

In addition, a  multitude of religious centers in the town of Lake Forest and the surrounding areas welcome students for worship and fellowship. To find a list of religious centers click here

Religious Holidays

While the College does not close on all the holidays included below, campus organizations and departments are encouraged to be mindful of programming on these dates. 

June 28-July 27**: Ramadan (Islam)

July 28**: Eid al-Fitr (Islam)

September 25-26*: Rosh Hashanah (Judaism)

October 4*: Yom Kippur (Judaism)

October 4**: Eid al-Adha (Islam)

October 20*: Birth of Bab (Bahá’í)

October 23: Diwali (Hindu)

December 16-24*: Hanukkah (Judaism)

December 24: Christmas Eve (Christian)

December 25: Christmas Day (Christian)

January 7: Orthodox Christmas (Christian Orthodox)

February 18: Ash Wednesday (Christian)

February 19: Chinese New Year (Buddhist)

March 21*: Naw Ruz (Bahá’í)

April 4-11*: Passover (Judaism)

April 3: Good Friday (Christian)

April 5: Easter (Christian)


* These holidays begin at sundown the previous day.

**These holidays are calculated on a lunar calendar and are approximate.