Wellness Peer Educators

The Wellness Peer Educator Program provides an opportunity for students to promote healthy choices amongst fellow students and contribute to the well-being of the Lake Forest College community.

  • Peer Educators will be matched with professionals from the Health and Wellness Center and other departments based on particular focus areas and will help to develop and conduct outreach workshops and other community-based programs related to those focus areas.
  • After initial training in basic peer education skills, Peer Educators will meet regularly with the professionals in their respective focus areas for mentoring and training on related topics.
  • Wellness Peer Educators have a unique opportunity to impact the well being of their fellow students. 
  • Join the program to play an essential role in helping the Health and Wellness Center promote well-being throughout the Lake Forest College community. 

Benefits of participation in Wellness Peer Educator Program
Students participating in the Wellness Peer Educator Program will:

  • Learn foundational skills in peer education and community health promotion
  • Receive mentorship and training in a particular focus area from a professional in that field
  • Learn creative strategies for presenting health and wellness information and encouraging behavior that benefits personal and community well-being
  • Strengthen leadership skills through initiating prevention programs and other efforts to improve the well-being of the Lake Forest College Community
  • Obtain experience in planning, organizing, and presenting a variety of programs that will be applicable in many types of future employment, graduate school, or professional licensure

Focus Areas included in the Wellness Peer Educator Program
Options for focus areas will include but may not be limited to:

  • Mental Health/Psychology
  • Dietary Health/Nutrition
  • Medical Health/Nurse Practitioner
  • Relational Health/Sexual Misconduct
  • Fitness and Well-Being/Forester Fitness
  • Social Justice/Cultural Awareness
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Issues