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Counseling Services

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Counseling Services will be open from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday - Friday (exceptions are any College observed holidays). To schedule an appointment, go to the Forester Health and Wellness Portal and select a time that best suits your schedule or by calling ahead (847-735-5240).

We all experience times of change and transition in our lives. Sometimes this process is orderly and understandable. At other times it can be rapid, chaotic, and upsetting. Understanding, coping, and dealing with these times can be difficult.

When we need help we often turn to family and friends. Sometimes we need the assistance of a trained professional to work with people in the process of exploring and solving problems in their lives. We would like to welcome you to Counseling Services with the hope that our services will be helpful to you.

To schedule an initial appointment, stop by the reception desk for Counseling Services located in Buchanan Hall. If this is not possible, you may call 847-735-5240 to schedule an appointment on the telephone. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Counseling Services is to promote the psychological well-being, personal effectiveness, and personal growth of Lake Forest College students, so as to enhance their personal and academic functioning. Counseling Services assists students in overcoming personal, emotional, and psychological issues that may negatively impact their ability to reach their academic goals and to make the most of their educational experience at Lake Forest College. Counseling Services educates students about mental health and wellness issues and teaches them about healthy lifestyle choices. Counseling Services strives to assist students in acquiring the skills, attitudes, and resources necessary to both succeed in the college environment and pursue satisfying and productive lives.

A core component of our mission is the promotion and affirmation of our community diversity in its broadest sense. We recognize that a diverse community enriches our campus and enhances opportunities for human understanding, both of which contribute to the learning environment for all. Counseling Services has a strong commitment to meeting the needs of diverse people. In all clinical, assessment, training, psychiatric, program, and outreach services we strive to create an environment where all people feel welcome and respected. As a staff, we attempt to facilitate mutual respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, ethnic, and national backgrounds, gender, sexual/affectional orientations, mental and physical abilities, languages, classes, ages, religious/spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic background as well as other types of diversity. We strive to nurture environments where similarities and differences among people are recognized, respected, and honored.