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Student Life

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

There will be no in-person appointments at the Health and Wellness Center.

All phone consultations, for both Health and Counseling must be scheduled -To schedule: call (847) 735-5240 (please leave message) or email healthandwellness@lakeforest.edu.

There will be no walk-in hours for the Health and Wellness Center, but there will be same-day phone consultations, however, you will need to schedule a same day phone consultation. - To schedule: call (847) 735-5240 (leave message) or email healthandwellness@lakeforest.edu

Mental Health Emergencies (outside of normal business hours M-F 8:30-5:00)
Crisis Counselor on Call:

As our community adapts in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is normal to feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. As part of our commitment to our students’whole health, we are working with SilverCloud, a clinically proven online mental health platform, to offer programs that build resilience, help you manage anxiety or depression, and help you develop skills to manage stress and sleep issues. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness and positive psychology, these action-oriented programs build self-awareness and self-management skills for your emotional health. 

To sign-up, please visit gsh.silvercloudhealth.com/signup/ and choose Lake Forest College from the dropdown list to get started.
Please note, to confirm your eligibility, you will need to use your school-issued mx.lakeforest.edu email address. This service is confidential and  your e-mail address will not be used outside of the SilverCloud Platform.

SilverCloud Health


SilverCloud is a secure, anonymous platform that offers a suite of programs designed to help students think and feel better. Programs are developed by clinicians and address depression, anxiety and stress.



For more information, check out the SilverCloud Health Flyer.


News about Health and Wellness

  • Coronavirus
    If you are sick with COVID-19 or suspect you are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, follow the steps below to help prevent the disease from spreading to people in your home and community.
  • Stop Sign
    If you are sick with respiratory symptoms such as:
    (fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion)
    Call the Health and Wellness Center (847) 735-5240 to schedule a phone screening.
    A Nurse Practitioner or Physician will call to discuss your symptoms/illness in order to determine if an in-person appointment is necessary, or if you can be helped remotely.
    Effective Monday, March 16, to keep our community safe in response to the COVID-19 virus circulating in the U.S., the following changes will take place in the Health & Wellness Center:
     All visits, for both Health and Counseling must be scheduled - There will be no walk-in hours for Health, but there will be same-day crisis visits for Counseling Services. Please call ahead.
     To schedule: call (847) 735-5240 or email healthandwellness@lakeforest.edu
     Healthy patients with less urgent healthcare needs will be seen in the clinic as the schedule allows, or may be managed remotely over the phone.
     Only students with an appointment will be allowed to enter the Health & Wellness Center and must use the hand sanitizer provided to decrease the chance of the spread of illness.
  • 24/7 anonymous support for students who need help for themselves or a friend. Text “LAKECO” to 1-844-823-5323 to connect with a local fully licensed mental health professional.
  • Vaping
    Below are a couple of resource options for tobacco/vaping cessation:

    This is Quitting – A free mobile, text messaging program designed for young people to quit vaping.

    Text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709


    Illinois Tobacco Quitline – A free telephone counseling service, a resource for tobacco users interested in quitting.

    1-866-QUIT YES (1-866-784-8937)


    The Health and Wellness Center emailed all students on September 11 to alert them to a multistate outbreak of severe lung disease associated with e-cigarette product use (devices, liquids, refill pods, and/or cartridges).
  • Lake Forest College ranked #14 in the nation for Best Health Services in the just-published 2020 edition of The Princeton Review’s annual guide, The Best 385 Colleges.

  • Health and Wellness Center staff
    The Health and Wellness Center doctoral internship program has earned accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • Most students struggle at times when things don’t go as planned. Not getting that internship, performing poorly in an important game, or failing an exam will undoubtedly ratchet up a student’s stress level.
  • Cole Ledford, an advocate for LGBTQ+ and mental health communities, will speak at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 20 in the Lily Reid Holt Memorial Chapel.