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Information Technology

Panopto Troubleshooting

Using Wi-Fi vs. Cellular data
You should always plan to be connected to Wi-Fi when uploading your video to Panopto from your mobile device since the videos tend to be larger files. You can find information about how to connect to the College’s wireless network at Connecting to ForesterNet. If you have forgotten to enable Wi-Fi before starting your upload, you can turn it on while uploading. If the upload is interrupted, Panopto will automatically resume interrupted uploads. If it does not upload, choose the video and upload it again.


I uploaded my video to the wrong folder! How do I fix it?
If you upload your video to the wrong folder, you can move it to the correct folder.

  1. Log onto Panopto on a desktop computer web browser.
  2. Navigate to your saved video in the folder you saved it to originally. Select the video by clicking in the checkbox in the upper left corner of the thumbnail for the video.
  3. Click on the Move button, and choose a new destination.
    move button
  4. After selecting the new folder destination, click the Move button. move button
     The video will be moved. Click the Done X to exit out of the Move window.


I named my video incorrectly. How can I rename it?

  1. Log onto Panopto on a desktop computer web browser.
  2. Navigate to your saved video in the folder you saved it to originally. Hover the mouse over the video, and choose Settings beneath the title.
  3. In Settings, for Name, choose Edit and change the name. Choose Save when done, and close Settings.


I need to edit my video. Where can I learn how to do that?
This is a demonstration of how to edit: Trimming and Renaming in Panopto.