Groner Foundation

GEGF Eligibility & Guidelines

Grace knew she wanted to help improve the lives of young people. Now, through the GEGF, qualified Lake Forest College students may receive opportunities to pursue unique service-learning experiences. 

Students are always welcome in the Groner Foundation office, which is located in Stuart Commons next to the office for Off-Campus Study and the Center for Chicago Programs. Come in to learn more about the Foundation, the available programs and opportunities for service.

Eligibility Requirements

  1.  Must be a second-semester freshman or above.
  2.  Must have a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA for standard programs and a 3.5 cumulative GPA for Bridge Programs
  3. Must be in good judicial standing and have no history of disciplinary action.
  4. Must be 18 or older
  5.  Must be willing to commit to local volunteering


Stage I

(The GEGF advises that interested students begin this process 6 weeks prior to the deadline.)

  1.  Make an appointment with the GEGF Director by emailing her at or calling 847-735-6162. The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about the Foundation and to share your interests and career goals.
  2.  Bring a current résumé to your meeting with the Director and be prepared to discuss your past involvement/current interest in community service.
  3. Submit your unofficial transcript and an Advisor and Dean Recommendation Form, which you will receive upon meeting with the Director.
  4. The GEGF Director will notify the applicant when these documents have been received. If the eligibility requirements are met, the Director will supply you with the Application Form. Please wait for notification before beginning Stage II.

Stage II

  1. Once you have completed a Grace Elizabeth Groner Foundation Application Form, you will need to submit the following materials.
    1. Writing Sample from an academic, college-level paper
    2. Academic recommendation letter
    3. Character recommendation letter
  2. The Director will notify you by email once all requirements are met.
  3.  If accepted, the Director will set up a follow-up meeting, during which you will sign paperwork committing to your opportunity.

Continuing Eligibility

  • If, for any reason, a student fails to begin or successfully complete a service-learning opportunity, the student will be ineligible for further participation in GEGF sponsored programs.
  •  To be eligible to apply for additional opportunities, Groner Recipients must follow GEGF guidelines, including those related to reflections and attendance, and receive exemplary recommendations from all previous site supervisors.
  •  Grace Elizabeth Groner Foundation funds are not transferable from project to project. Each proposal submitted to the Foundation is considered on its own merit. Any student or professor with a Grace Elizabeth Groner Foundation award must use it for the stated purpose. If the stated purpose fails to occur for any reason, the award lapses.


All materials for funded programs must be submitted before the appropriate deadline. Students applying for an unfunded service opportunity can apply at any time, pending the Director’s approval and opportunity availability.

Summer and Fall Opportunities: March 1st*

Spring Opportunities: October 1st*

*If an earlier deadline is required by a program site, you will be notified by the Director.

During Programs

  •  Recipients will be required to complete weekly summaries, including a photograph, throughout the duration of their program. Summaries and photographs must be e-mailed by 10pm on Sunday evenings to GEGF Director, Elizabeth Bulley at
  • Recipients will be required to turn in a reflection essay by the last day of class or within seventy-two hours after the completion of a summer program.
  •  Recipients will be required to attend all mandatory GEGF events.

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