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Communications and Marketing

Web Services

Need to update your pages, get new ones, get trained, or get access to edit the site? You’ve come to the right place. 

Web Projects and Updates

If you have a web project you would like to initiate, please fill out this form

For minor updates to your pages, please contact your department assistant. For minor updates or fixes that require a bit more technical know-how or troubleshooting, please contact Ian Schappe, 847-735-5019. 

Request Access

If you need to create an account or get additional access to LiveWhale, our Content Management System, to update your pages, please fill out this form. New users will also need a brief tutorial in the basics of our CMS, so please fill out this form as well. 

Get Trained

LiveWhale is an extremely robust system with lots to offer both novice and experienced users. Whether you’ve just gotten an account, haven’t used it in a while, or use it constantly and just want to learn more, training is available. Please fill out this form to schedule a training session.