Communications and Marketing

Visual Communications



  • Color photocopying of textbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Printing business cards, letterhead, and envelopes
  • Simple design of items such as posters, postcards, and raffle tickets
  • Color printing on paper up to 12” x 18”  (Did you know that you can have even bigger posters printed inexpensively at the library in the Brown Technology Resource Center? Learn more here.) 
  • Binding, folding, perforating, scoring, stapling, and other finishing 


Prices vary widely based on specific customer needs, but here are some basic costs:

Business cards:
$50 for quantity of 500
$40 for 250
$30 for 100

Color copies: $.50 per 1-99 copies (Note: We charge by the copy, not the paper. If your product is double-sided, you’ll be charged for each side copied.)

Black and white copies: $.10 per 1-99 copies (again, the more copies you make the less it costs per piece)

Cuts: $.50 per cut 

Extra services, such as folding, scoring, binding, or perforating: $30/hour 

Single 24” x 36” poster cut down to size and mounted to foamboard: $23.00 (poster to be supplied by customer)