Faculty and Staff Help

Please advise the Office of Communications and Marketing before you create a group, profile, or fan page on Facebook. Groups associated with sports teams – varsity, club, or intramural – should also advise the Department of Athletics. Any alumni groups should also advise the Office of Alumni. The College aggregates all the social media sites on the website and their own Facebook page.

Dish out the duties. Designate someone to keep the page updated. A page that doesn’t have frequent enough updates (at least once a week) or with unaddressed inappropriate comments can be counter-productive – or harmful.

Be transparent. Always be honest and clear about your identity. Never hide your identity for the purpose of promoting Lake Forest College through social media. The Federal Trade Commission requires that you disclose your relationship with the College at all times.

Be an individual. If you create accounts to conduct the College’s business as an individual, be sure to identify your relation with Lake Forest College. For example, an admissions counselor may create a Twitter profile using their own name and photo for the purpose of working with prospective students. We encourage the use of individual social media sites because it allows for more direct interaction for a wider audience.

Be personal. Be an active member of the online community, posting more than just obvious “marketing speak” – don’t be afraid to include personal anecdotes or to share relevant information from other people or organizations. Just be sure to use sound judgment and adhere to the College’s values as articulated in the mission statement.  Not every post should be about your upcoming events or the great things your office is doing. For example, Islamic World Studies might post something about how great the soccer team is doing, or about a great article from the BBC about U.S. relations with Iran.

Use it wisely. Respect the College’s time and property. Evaluate all the other things you could have been doing while cruising Facebook. Don’t abuse the privilege of social media access.