Social Media Guidelines

Every day, the Lake Forest College community interacts online. Many students, professors and organizations have their own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and photo sites. We recognize the importance of participating in these online communities.

These social media guidelines are to help encourage the College’s students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their voice in the social media online communities in an effective and constructive manner. Please review the following guidelines when participating in social media conversations that involve your College. Contact the Office of Communications and Marketing should you like to contribute to Lake Forest College’s social media presence. Please respect the College’s brand, trademark, copyright and confidentiality rules and regulations, as well as the Student and Faculty Handbooks. For athletic-related social media, please also review the Lake Forest College Athletic Department Blogging Policy.

In general, the Office of Communications and Marketing cannot support other social media sites beyond the Lake Forest College Official Facebook Page and Twitter account. We recommend that departments consider the resources they have available before establishing their own social media presence. A Facebook page requires an estimated five hours of staff time per week to maintain properly. Below you will find guidelines that help answer some basic questions about how to maintain your social media accounts.