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Communications and Marketing

Using the Lake Forest Logo

The Lake Forest logo isn’t being changed or redesigned as part of this process. (See it up there?) Instead, we’re creating a wider variety of ways you can apply the new Lake Forest brand to your work.

We have isolated the outline of our current logo— we call it the “book mark”— and we invite you to use it in almost any way you can imagine.

The Official Logo: Mark and Typeface

The typeface used for the words “Lake Forest College” in the College logo hasn’t changed.  It can be used in the original Janson typeface, centered under the book mark as it’s always been:


But there is a new way to use the type: horizontally, aligned with the right edge of the logo.  This will enable more diverse layouts while maintaining the core integrity of the Lake Forest brand.

Templates for these two layouts can be found in Downloads & Resources