Downloads & Resources

This page contains links to a variety of helpful brand resources. If you need anything else, contact Lindsey Nemcek in the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Logo files

Logo files are provided in several formats: 

  • EPS (for print use)
  • PNG (for Web use)
  • PSD (for various uses)

The logo is provided in two orientations:

  • Horizontal (book mark at left, name of college at right)
  • Vertical (book mark on top, college name on bottom)

Finally, two types of logo file are provided:

  • The standard, graphic mark only (provided in black, but the book mark color can be changed to other approved colors)
  • A mark including a photo (which can be altered in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to substitute the photo of your choice).  We encourage you to be creative in your use of this version of our logo.