Pay Online

We have two methods of paying online, but each method depends upon what type of fee you are paying.

Tuition, room and board and other student account charges

Make a one-time payment for tuition, room and board, or other fees shown on the student account.

Families have the option to pay online by using a U.S. checking or savings accounts or via credit card. Please note that there will be a 2.75% convenience fee added to the amount of the payment.

This online payment option does not require a username or password and does not store any banking information. Our payment processor, Tuition Management Systems, (TMS) provides a secure site that protects your information while it is being transmitted.  It will be important to have the student’s ID number at Lake Forest College in order for us to correctly identify the payment. The ID number is on the printed billing statement.

Enrollment and Housing deposits, Parking Permits and miscellaneous fees

We do accept credit card payments for specific items through our online store.  The most common payment accepted is for enrollment or matriculation deposits. These payments are usually lower dollar items.

Click here for payments for parking permits or fines, course materials, enrollment deposit, application fee.