Student Accounts

The Student Accounts office is located in North Hall. We generate the statements that you see online and work with families on payment issues. Financial Aid questions (grants, scholarships and loans) should be directed here

Costs 2014-2015

Pay online 


The Student Accounts Office Has Gone Green!

Semester billing statements will only be available online via the portal. 

To review your tuition and fees account through my.lakeforest, a username and password are required. Real-time account information can be received by selecting the ‘Students’ tab then ‘My Account’ and ‘Click to Generate Statement’.

Students have the ability to grant permissions to parents, guardians, grandparents, etc. to access the student’s account, financial aid or academic records. Permission can be granted to one or all areas and can be changed or cancelled at any time. 

In order to establish permissions, a student should log into their my.lakeforest portal and select the ‘Student’ tab, then “Privacy Permissions’ from the left-hand column and then ‘Define New Permissions’. 

A step-by-step How-to Guide is listed below:

How-To Guide (pdf)

 Please feel free to contact the Business Office for more information.  

Spring 2015 Semester Information   

*Payments for the Spring 2015 Semester are due January 2, 2015*

Returning students must have their account in good standing in order to be eligible to register for future semesters. Any accounts that are not current and in good standing will be placed on ‘hold’ and must be cleared by the Business Office. 

Students with registration holds will be assessed a $40 late fee and must come into the Business Office and make payment arrangements. Students with holds on their registration who do not clear the hold by August 28th with payment or a payment arrangement will be assessed further late fees and may have their classes canceled. This includes students with permission to return late.  

Students who are not returning in the Fall need to notify the Dean of Students office, in order to avoid penalties on their student account.                 

2014-2015 Academic Year Billing Cycle and Due Dates 

For Fall 2014, payment is due in full by August 14th unless you are enrolled in, and current with, the Forester monthly Payment Plan (FPP).  Payment in full and on time insures that you keep your chosen classes and prevents fines for delinquent payments.  Please remember – while returning students pre-register in the spring, your registration is not confirmed until you complete your financial obligations.

Payments for new or transfer students are also due January 2, 2015 

Real-time account information is available online on my.lakeforest. Students can access these accounts at any time.


  • Methods of Payment 

    Payment is expected either in full 14 days before registration, or over a 5-month payment cycle each semester if enrolled in the Forester Payment Plan. 

    Payment in Full
    One-time payments can be made in person in the Business Office in North Hall, through regular mail, by wire transfer or online at

    All payments should be mailed to:
     Lake Forest College
     Business Office
     555 N. Sheridan Rd.
     Lake Forest, IL 60045 
    Remember to identify the student’s name and/or ID number on the check.

    Wiring Instructions:
    Please call the Business Office for instructions: 847-735-5032
    Remember to identify the student’s name and/or ID number in the advice section. 

    Forester Payment Plan (FPP) for Spring 2015 will be available November 4th.

    Please visit to enroll.

    Families interested in paying on a monthly basis should enroll online. There is a $50 fee for the semester plan. No other interest charges will be applied. Starting and ending dates for the semester plan are December 15th and April 15th. After January you can still sign up by making the past due payments and enrolling for the remainder of the semester. 

Financial Aid 

Until registration, all financial aid is applied in preliminary status only.  You will see your anticipated loan proceeds on your statement during this preliminary time, net of any fees the banks charge. After registration is final each semester, the institutional and federal grants are disbursed. At that time, the preliminary status loans and outside scholarships “disappear” and are applied to the account when the proceeds are actually received.

Remember that your family contribution as shown on your award letter from Financial Aid does not include the extra cost of a single room! 

Also, work study funds will not appear on your statement as a credit.  You may use paychecks from a work study job for books and expenses, or may turn the check over, in whole or in part, to pay tuition and fees.  If you need to arrange student payroll deductions to make payments toward your bill, please call our office.